Feeder 2.0 Release Notes Archive

Version 2.0.9


March 8, 2010


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to download a feed that doesn't exist.
  • Fixed a problem working with links that include characters that need percent encoding.
  • Fixed a problem where the publish panel may not be displayed if some original files are missing.

Version 2.0.8


December 10, 2009


  • When sending announcements, the feed link will be used if no article link is present.
  • Amazon S3 buckets can now be created in the Northern California location.
  • Worked around a problem where Feeder would fail to connect to SFTP servers that block password authentication.
  • Fixed a problem where Feeder would fail to create S3 buckets whose names were not specified in lowercase.
  • Fixed a problem where Feeder would not report errors generating DSA signatures for Sparkle appcasts.
  • Fixed a problem with the Refresh button on the Item Errors panel when the window is resized.

Version 2.0.7


October 19, 2009


  • Fixed a problem where dragging and dropping an image to the editor to upload to Amazon S3 does not result in an image link being placed in the description.
  • Feeder will now show the feed as invalid when image files to be uploaded can not be found.
  • The Share panel will now use itpc:// links for podcasts instead of pcast:// for compatibility with Firefox.
  • After saving an item, Feeder now attempts to do a better job of restoring the scroll position of the Description.
  • In Landscape mode, the Item # column can now be made larger.

Version 2.0.6


September 18, 2009


  • Fixed a problem where favicons greater than 16px square could be displayed incorrectly in Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed a problem where setting up Amazon S3 publishing wouldn't work when performed in the Publishing section of the Info view.
  • Removed the window close button from the Amazon S3 Buckets panel (only visible when creating buckets via in the Publishing section of the Info view).
  • Updated SFTP software.

Version 2.0.5


August 18, 2009


  • Uses Facebook's new streamlined authentication for desktop applications.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after downloading a feed.
  • Fixed a problem where the feed wouldn't be automatically saved when items are created via AppleScript.
  • Fixed a problem with product registration on Snow Leopard.

Version 2.0.4


June 19, 2009


  • Added menu commands to the View menu to zoom the preview, including images when Safari 4.0 or later is installed.
  • Updated Twitter authorization to accept a PIN code.
  • Updated Facebook authorization to use their new Publish Stream permission.
  • Updated support for posting to WordPress 2.8 weblogs.
  • Fixed a problem with Amazon S3 uploading that affected some installations on Mac OS X 10.5.7.

Version 2.0.3


May 29, 2009


  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when cancelling Standard FTP operations.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when downloading a feed.
  • Fixed a problem where the newlines and tabs could be stripped from iTunes Summary and iTunes Subtitle.
  • Fixed a problem where iTunes artwork may not always be automatically added to uploaded media files.
  • HTML tags in item descriptions such as <script> and comments will no longer have HTML line breaks added to them automatically.
  • Fixed a problem fetching an image's dimensions from the web in the Insert Image panel.

Version 2.0.2


May 8, 2009


  • Fixed a problem with the iTunes Store preview where, if one episode was marked as explicit, all older episodes would be too.
  • Fixed a problem where the creation date of a weblog post could be incorrect on some WordPress installations.
  • Fixed a problem where announcements wouldn't be sent when automatically publishing scheduled feeds.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when editing an item with an attached enclosure file that doesn't exist.
  • Feeder no longer shows an error about empty Article Links for items that will be posted to a weblog, if the option was chosen to show that error in the feed's Editing settings.
  • Fixed an intermittent problem that could cause Feeder to crash while sending announcements.

Version 2.0.1


April 30, 2009


  • Items' publication dates are now sent when posting to WordPress.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the editing windows toolbars from being customized.
  • Fixed a problem where cancelling a publish job while announcements were being sent would not work.
  • Fixed a problem reading dates from the feed on systems where the system date formats were not English.
  • Fixed a problem where some HTML entities could be encoded incorrectly.
  • Fixed a problem where an unpublished enclosure for a deleted item would still be uploaded the next time the feed is published.

Version 2.0


April 28, 2009


  • Post to Weblog - automatically post new items to your blog when publishing your feed.
  • Announcements - Send announcements to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Share Panel - get links for your feed and images, auto-detect code for web browsers and submit podcasts to the iTunes Store all from one place.
  • Improved User Interface - Simpler toolbar, integrated Info view.
  • Portrait View - a full-height preview that needs less scrolling.
  • Improved Editor - Improved syntax coloring, HTML-aware spell checking and CSS styles for image tags.
  • Improved Template Editor - see only what you need and save time when editing.
  • iTunes U - Specify iTunes U categories for podcasts
  • Amazon S3 Uploading - Use Amazon's Simple Storage Service to host media files.
  • Upload & Insert - drag and drop files to items' descriptions to upload and insert the appropriate tags.
  • Live Validation - See problems and get advice on fixing them as you edit your feed.
  • Many more new features and improvements

Release Notes


  • New application icon.
  • Feeder's library is now stored in the Application Support folder by default.
  • Feeder can now create and use custom library locations. Hold on the Option key when launching the app to create a new library or choose an existing library. Hold on the Shift key while starting to use the default library location.

Feed Creation

  • The New Feed panel is shown automatically when there are no feeds, instead of the Starting Points panel.
  • The New Feed panel shows a template chooser and combines the functions of the New Feed and New Podcast panels from Feeder 1.x.
  • When creating Sparkle appcasting feeds, the New Feed panel shows settings for the Sparkle framework version to use and options for automatic generation of checksums and DSA signatures.
  • Feeder can now import Atom feeds and convert them to RSS 2.0.
  • Added a Links template, appropriate for sharing links from the web or other feeds.

Library Window

  • New default toolbar layout - simpler, follows workflow.
  • The standard feed icon is now used to represent feeds for sites that have no favicons.
  • Moved the Info view from the drawer to the main window to provide more room for the content (see Info View below).

Item List and Preview

  • Portrait preview - shows more items and more content by spitting the preview and list vertically instead of horizontally.
  • New preview style - cleaner, more neutral colors.
  • Improved drag and drop images used when dragging items from the item list.
  • A warning icon will appear next to items with validation errors, click this to see a description of the error.
  • A "Show Errors Only" button will appear in the status bar when items in the selected feed have errors.

Info View

  • Click the Info button in the status bar to see a list of settings. This list is divided into two sections: the Feed section shows attributes that apply to the whole feed, arranged by RSS extension, while the Settings section shows settings that apply to the whole feed.
  • Info sections can be searched by both field names and values.
  • Live Validation: Feeder validates as you edit the feed. Fields in error will show a warning icon. Clicking the icon will show a pop-up appears with more information about the error.
  • Publishing settings can now be changed in the Info view instead of the Publish Settings panel.
  • Info sections now animate when expanded / collapsed.
  • The Feed Image and iTunes Artwork previews now show transparency with checkered squares.

Item Editing

  • Improved HTML syntax coloring - HTML tags, attribute names and values now have their own colors.
  • Images or other files can now be dragged and dropped to the description to upload them and insert an image or link tag as appropriate, or choose Item > Upload and Insert from the menu.
  • The new integrated template editor replaces the Edit Template panel.
  • Live Validation - Feeder updates as you edit the item and a pop-up appears with more information about the error when warning icons are clicked.
  • The Insert Image panel now uses CSS styles for the image's alignment, border, etc.
  • When editing an existing link tag, Insert Link panel will preserve now tags that were inside the original tag.
  • For podcasts, iTunes Store Options section has been replaced with individual fields for iTunes Advisory and Block in iTunes.
  • For Sparkle appcasts, drag files to the Release Notes or Description field to upload them and insert the link.
  • Improves support for tagging large m4v video files (1.5GB+).
  • Improved the appearance of the enclosure section when working with file uploads.
  • The media file artwork preview now shows transparency with checkered squares.
  • Double-clicking the opening < of an HTML tag will select the tag and its contents.
  • HTML tags will no longer appear as spelling errors when editing in the description.
  • Each feed now has its own settings for showing warnings if fields are missing when saving and formatting HTML line break in the Settings > Editing part of the Info view.
  • Improved error handling when working with media files.
  • Expandable sections in the item editor animate when expanded / collapsed.
  • Field names now resize according to the fields shown.

iTunes U

  • Added support for the iTunes U namespace, used for specifying iTunes U categories. Enable this in the iTunes U section of Info view.
  • Added an iTunes U template for new and existing feeds.

iTunes Preview

  • The iTunes Preview more closely matches the iTunes Store.
  • Added Show iTunes Preview to the View menu.

Post to Weblog

  • When publishing a feed, Feeder can automatically post new and updated items to a weblog. Choose or create the Weblog in the Settings > Publishing section of the Info view.
  • Supported weblog software includes WordPress, Blogger and Drupal and MovableType.
  • When editing a feed that posts to WordPress, you can now specify tags for the post. Edit the template to choose the "WordPress Tags" field from the WordPress section.
  • Also when editing a feed that posts to WordPress, the Insert HTML menu has an additional item to insert a Read More break. This only affects the post on the weblog.
  • When deleting items, Feeder shows a checkbox to also remove the post from the weblog.
  • Weblogs can be managed in the Servers window.


  • Announcements for new items to can now be sent to Facebook and Twitter when publishing.
  • Announcements can also be sent on an ad hoc basis by choosing Post to Twitter or Post to Facebook from the Item menu.
  • Configure the announcement settings for a feed in the Announcements section of the Info view.


  • Added publishing support for Amazon S3, including bucket creation.
  • Streamlined publishing setup - images and enclosures can automatically inherit the feed's settings, multiple servers can be now created or chosen and all paths specified on the first step.
  • Feeds can now have their own default paths for images and enclosures. Previously these were the server's defaults.
  • Generated upload filenames can now be one of three styles, title case (like Feeder 1.x), lowercase with hyphens or lowercase with underscores. Set this in Publishing preferences.
  • After publishing a feed for the first time, or when its URL has changed, Feeder will show an informational alert and offer to show the new Share panel.
  • Icons are now shown next to files when publishing.
  • The Servers window has been redesigned and shows icons for servers, according to their type.
  • The server browser panel now has a more modern appearance with back / forward buttons and a search box to filter the list of files.
  • Added the Google Blog Search ping service.
  • Improved regular FTP publishing for large uploads.
  • Improved appearance of the Activity window.


  • New panel that shows a number of ways to share or use the selected feed.
  • Feed URL section shows the URL of your published feed and allows you to subscribe to the feed.
  • Feed Image shows a preview of the feed's image and its URL.
  • iTunes Podcasts have an additional section for submitting and subscribing to the feed in iTunes.
  • Podcast Artwork section shows a preview of the podcast's artwork and its URL, also for iTunes podcasts.
  • Web Page Links section shows the HTML for a text link to your feed and the autodetect code for web browsers.


  • Editor preferences now has more options for HTML syntax coloring.
  • Improved Templates preferences.
  • Software Update settings are now under General panel.
  • Improved the layout and consolidated various parts of the Preferences window.