Mac iPad and iPhone

Keep It

Write notes, keep things,
and find them again

Keep It is a notebook, scrapbook and organizer, useful for writing notes, saving web links, documents, images or any kind file, and finding them again. Available on iPhone and iPad, and as a separate app for Mac, Keep It is the destination for all those things you want to put somewhere, confident you will find them again later.

Download on the App Store

Download Keep It from the App Store and choose a monthly or yearly subscription to get a free trial. Cancel the subscription any time up to 24-hours before the trial expires and you will not be charged. Read more about subscriptions.


Notes and Links

Make Notes

Create notes with built-in styles that look good and read well on all your devices. Notes can contain checklists, bulleted and numbered lists, images, links and other attachments.

Save Web Links

Save web links to Keep It, view them in the app, open them in your browser, or save them as PDFs for offline reading.


Add Anything

Any kind of file can be added to Keep It or saved to its folders, and opened for editing in their original applications. With iCloud, changes are automatically made available across your Macs and iOS devices.

Preview and Edit

Keep It generates thumbnails and summaries for most files, can edit its own notes, rich and plain text files, and show previews for PDFs, images, web pages and most other documents.

Search and Filter


Keep It can search the content of most files. Search the current list or All Items, and use keywords and natural language to refine the search.

Tag Filter

Keep It’s Tag Filter makes finding things by their tags easy, and works with search and the selected list. Choose a tag to see all the tagged items and any other relevant tags; choose another tag to drill down further.



Folders let you organize items and bundles hierarchically, when needed. Select a folder to see everything it contains. Use drag and drop on iPad (iOS 11) to rearrange folders, bundles and items.


When you need to gather things into one place, make a bundle. Items can be in more than one bundle at a time, and when you remove the bundle, everything else stays where it was.


Use labels to color-code items for quick visual recognition. Labels are listed in the sidebar so you can quickly see everything with a particular label.

More Lists

Use the Recents list to see things you’ve added or viewed lately, with the latest shown at the top. Favorites provide quick access. Deleted Items are automatically removed after 30 days.

Where You Need It


Add web links, text, photos and videos from within other apps with Keep It's Share extension, available in most apps. As you do, you can choose to append text to an existing note, specify tags, and choose a destination folder or bundle.

Works with Other Apps

Keep It integrates with the Files app so you can access everything in Keep It from within other apps. Drag and drop files, text and links to Keep It on iPad. You can also copy clickable links to items for use in other apps.

Information for Together Users

Keep It is the successor to Together, and Keep It for Mac can import your Together libraries. While many things will be familiar, Keep It offers some great new ideas and improvements, including:

View and Edit

  • Summaries and thumbnails in the list help you find what you’re looking for without downloading the files
  • Icon view for browsing items by their thumbnails.
  • Predefined and custom styles for notes and improved file attachments
  • Text for notes and rich text scaled to match the Text Size setting on iPad and iPhone
  • Automatically rename items created from stationery
  • iCloud sharing for individual items

Organize and Manage

  • Folders can show all items in nested folders and bundles
  • Recents list shows added and edited items across all your Macs and iOS devices
  • Deleted items automatically removed after 30 days
  • Selecting multiple items shows options to add them to a bundle, move to a folder, change the label or add tags
  • Each list can have its own sort and view settings


  • Works with the Files app on iOS 11
  • Save web links as PDFs in the app and share extension
  • Share extension can append text to notes
  • Add files, text and links with drag and drop on iPad with iOS 11

Search and Filter

  • Search the current list or All Items
  • Refine searches with keywords and natural language for dates
  • Tag Filter can filter combinations of tags in the same straightforward way on both Mac and iOS

…but just about everything in Keep It is more refined, works better, faster, and often makes more sense.