General Support


The answers below only apply to apps purchased directly from Reinvented Software, not the Mac App Store or App Store.


I've lost the registration codes for my application.

Go to the Support page and enter the email address you used to buy the application into the Lost Codes form. Your codes will be sent to you automatically. Be sure to check your Junk / Spam folders if you do not think you've received it.

If you don't know the email address you used, or you no longer use that address, please email


I've paid for the application and my registration codes haven't arrived.

If you purchased the app through the Mac App Store, you won't get a registration code. Instead you should install the version from the Mac App Store, which will run without needing a code.

If you purchased on this site through FastSpring, the details are emailed to you using the email address you supplied. Often when people say the haven't received these emails, they have actually been marked as Junk, so please check your Junk mail folders first.

If you still can't find the registration, please email


When I buy a license for one of your apps, can I use it on more than one computer?

Yes, you can use the app on more than one computer, as long as it's just you using the app, and families can use the app on all the Macs in the buyer's household.


Can I change the name or email address used on my registration?

Yes, please email


When I try to buy, I cannot see the terms and conditions checkbox?

If the Terms and Condition checkbox is hidden on FastSpring, you may need to disable browser plug-ins to get it to appear. See here for all their recommendations.