Together Release Notes

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Version 3.6.1

Together Icon Together_3.6.1.dmg (15.8 MB)


macOS Sierra 10.12 or later.


September 27, 2016


  • Fixed a crash that would occur after adding a tag without pressing Enter to convert it into a token.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur downloading files such as PDFs into the app.
  • Fixed a problem where the item count wouldn't be restored after importing into a particular group.

Mac App Store version

  • Fixed a crash opening Advanced preferences.

Version 3.6

Download: Together_3.6.dmg (15.8 MB)


macOS Sierra 10.12 or later.


September 20, 2016


  • Store libraries in iCloud (Direct version).
  • Smart group improvements for iCloud.
  • Import text files as notes.
  • New library management features.
  • Various other improvements for the Shelf, previews, imports and more.
  • Updated for macOS Sierra.

iCloud (Direct Version)

  • Store and open libraries from iCloud.
  • Global stationery will now be stored in iCloud, if available, and appear on all Macs and in Together for iOS.
  • Handoff can now be used to switch between devices when viewing or editing items in iCloud libraries.

iCloud (All Versions)

  • Reduced the number of iCloud changes made when tagging items.
  • A notification is now shown when a library has been stored in iCloud.
  • Smart groups that are incompatible with iCloud libraries will be shown with a warning icon in the sidebar when that library is stored in iCloud, and will not update. Incompatible smart groups are those that search by content (because not all platforms and devices have the capability or will report the same results) and linked files (which are only linked on the original Mac).
  • When editing smart groups that are incompatible with iCloud, a message will be shown and affected rules marked with warning icons. You will not be able to save changes until those rules have been changed or removed.


  • Together libraries cannot be saved in iCloud Drive. Now that iCloud Drive on macOS Sierra can include the Desktop and Documents folders, if that setting is in effect, libraries in those locations will be moved to Together’s default location and an alias placed in the original location. The same applies to iCloud libraries in Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Together’s default library location is a hidden location in your home folder’s Library folder.
  • When creating any library or opening iCloud libraries for the first time, you can now choose between saving them in the default location or a custom location. If the custom location isn’t a suitable location to store a library (see above), an alias will be placed there instead.
  • Added a File > Library > Move Library menu command to move libraries to different locations, including to and from the default location.
  • Added File > Library > Make Alias to Library Folder menu command as a convenient way to create an alias to a library folder stored in the default location.
  • The Choose Library and Manage Libraries panels have been simplified to show the library name, primary location and whether the library has been downloaded from iCloud. Hovering over a local or downloaded iCloud library name will show its path.
  • Added an action button to the Choose Library panel that can be used to remove the library, show it in the Finder, etc. Previously this was only available as a contextual menu.


  • Improved the appearance of the Quick Open Panel, which will now resize according to the number of results shown.
  • Clicking the Share button in the toolbar allows you to enable new sharing services.
  • Added a Rename menu item that will rename the selected group, tag or item, depending on focus.
  • The date format used is now consistent across all sizes of the portrait item list.
  • Redesigned the Encrypt / Decrypt toolbar icon.
  • Redesigned colour group icons.
  • Fixed an issue where the Search field would animate while opening and closing tabs.


  • The Path row in the mini info view now shows the item’s location in the library rather than the file system. Double-clicking the groups or folders in the path will select the item in that item group or folder. Double-clicking the filename will reveal the original in the Finder, as before.
  • Added a default rich text font to the Rich Text section of Previews preferences. This will be applied to all empty rich text documents.
  • Added a Remove Formatting item to the Preview menu and contextual menu for rich text files. This will reset the format of text to the default (set in Previews preferences).
  • Improved the Go To Page sheet shown for PDFs to show the total number of pages, and the correct current page number when it first appears.


  • It’s now possible to import text files as notes, preserving folder hierarchies and including Finder tags by choosing File > Import > Text Files as Notes from the menu. Supported types include RTF / RTFD, HTML, web archives, Word, OpenOffice, HTML and plain text.
  • Added a “Shelf: Remember last import group” option to Import preferences. When enabled, the previously selected group or folder will be remembered in the Shelf’s import options view when no other group is targeted (e.g. by dragging to a specific group).
  • It’s now possible to edit the name and URL when using the Together share extension.
  • Added the File > Import > Install Bookmarklets menu item to replace the Bookmarklets button in Import preferences.
  • Added an option to Import preferences to import web page text as a note.
  • Updated support for downloading files from the web.


  • Removed the Auto Import preference pane. The setting to automatically import files added to library folders is now back in the Import preferences panel. Click the Exceptions button to manage exception rules.
  • Removed the setting to use legacy library file format from Advanced preferences. Together’s self-healing libraries (v3.2+) remove the need for this.


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