Mac iPad and iPhone


Keep your stuff in one place
and take it with you

Together is for keeping things in one place. Notes, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and bookmarks can all be kept in Together, tagged, previewed, collected together in different ways and found again instantly.

Together works with iCloud to share your library with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, and with Together for Mac.

Tap, Tap, Done

If you’re already using Together for Mac, then Together for iPad and iPhone will look both welcomingly familiar and work as naturally as you would expect on your iPhone or iPad, with everything just a few taps away. Your library will show all your groups, folders and favorites in the Groups view, along with tags, labels and ratings in the Tags view.

Create & Import

Together can create notes, bookmarks, new documents from stationery for plain and rich text files, take photos and videos or import them from the camera roll. Together provides a Share extension for importing from other apps and makes it easy to create new items from the clipboard.

Edit & Preview

Together can edit notes text files, and bookmarks. Together can also preview many other kinds of files, such as images and movies, PDF files, iWork documents, mail messages and more. When editing notes and rich text files, you can style text, add bulleted and numbered lists (and checklists in notes), attach photos and videos, insert links and highlight text. Together can also encrypt items to keep their contents private.


Together has many ways of organizing and categorizing your information. Groups collect items together, and items can be in many groups at the same time. Folders can organize groups and items hierarchically. Tags are searchable keywords that can be added to items, labels can be used to color-code items, and ratings can rank items from zero to five stars.


Together can search items in your library by name, comments, tags, label names and the content of many file formats, even if that content hasn't been downloaded to the device. Search is available in the app itself and the systemwide Spotlight search, and when searching with Spotlight, you can continue the search in Together.

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