Together for iPad and iPhone Release Notes

Version 1.6.1


iOS 10.0 or later.


September 20, 2016


  • Added an option to Settings to disable indexing.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a note with the Share extension.
  • Fixed a problem where tapping Set or Change Encryption Password when editing a library wouldn't do anything.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of items shown below the list could flicker.

Version 1.6


iOS 10.0 or later.


September 13, 2016


  • Spotlight content searching, in app and systemwide.
  • Improved text formatting for notes and rich text documents.
  • Find text when editing notes, rich and plain text documents.
  • Smart groups update on device.
  • Add tags when using the share extension.
  • Share extension uses iCloud when available.
  • Updated for iOS 10.

Notes and Rich Text Documents

  • Change fonts, styles, alignment, text and background colors.
  • Insert bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Use the keyboard toolbar button to highlight or unhighlight selected text.
  • Find text in notes and rich text documents using button above the keyboard.
  • Find text in plain text documents on iPhone using Find Text on the text editing menu. On iPad, tap the Find button above the keyboard.
  • It’s now possible to take a new photo or video to insert in a note or rich text document, instead of just choosing an existing photo or video from the photo library.

Spotlight Searching

  • All items are now indexed in Spotlight for systemwide search and search in the app.
  • When using the systemwide Spotlight search, continue the search in Together by tapping “Search in App” next to the results.
  • Content for downloaded files of supported formats is now indexed and searchable in the app, and files not on the device will be downloaded and indexed when on Wi-Fi.
  • Notes, rich and plain text documents, bookmarks, web archives, HTML files, mail messages and most PDFs can all have their content indexed.
  • Downloading files to index their content is on by default. Disable this by tapping on Libraries above the Groups / Tags lists, then Edit, then the (i) button next to the current library.
  • Indexing will be disabled altogether if the app’s quota is exceeded or for other reasons. A message will be shown in the Libraries view if that is the case.

Smart Groups

  • Compatible smart groups now update automatically. Incompatible smart groups are those that search by content (because not all platforms and devices have the capability or will report the same results) and linked files (which are only linked on the original Mac).
  • Smart groups that are not compatible will be shown as disabled in the groups outline.

Share Extension

  • Add tags when importing with the share extension.
  • The share extension now uses iCloud when available, so changes appear on other devices without needing to open the app on the original device.
  • Improved the groups list in the share extension.


  • Previews can now be made full screen on iPad and iPhone 6/7 Plus in landscape.
  • The total number of items (or found items) is now shown under the item list when not editing and no iCloud operations are in progress.
  • On iPad, the New Item sheet no longer covers the whole screen.
  • VoiceOver improvements for expanding and collapsing folders and clearer labelling across the app.

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