Together Script Library

Import Scripts

Here is a collection of import scripts for Together.

To install these:

  • Download and unzip the file.
  • In Together, choose Together > Preferences from the menu.
  • Select Import preferences
  • Click the gear icon next to the Import Hot Key field.
  • Choose Open Scripts Folder from the menu.
  • Drag the scripts from the unzipped folder to this folder.

Folder Actions

Together can automatically import files added to its library folders, but when a library is stored in iCloud, you won't be able to see those folders. Instead, you can use these Folder Action scripts in the Finder to achieve the same thing with a folder you create in the Finder.

To install these scripts:

  • In the Finder, hold on the Option key and choose Go > Library from the menu.
  • Open the Scripts folder there.
  • Inside, you should see a folder called "Folder Action Scripts". If not, create one.
  • Download and unzip the file.
  • Move the scripts inside the unzipped folder to the Folder Action Scripts folder.

To use these scripts:

  • Select (or create) the folder you want to use.
  • Ctrl-click or right-click the folder and choose Services > Folder Actions Setup from the menu shown.
  • In the Choose a Script to Attach sheet, choose one of the "Copy to Together" or "Move to Together" scripts and click Attach.

Now, when you save files to that folder, they will be copied / moved to the currently open Together library.