(Keep It) Together 2.0

Together IconIt feels like an eternity since I last wrote any sort of product news on this blog, so today is a long-awaited one for me and judging by some of the emails I receive, some of you too!

I released version 2.0 of KIT today and it’s now called Together. I decided to shorten the name to make it easier for people to find.

Amongst the new features in Together 2.0:

  • Folders! Considering the number of emails I’ve received on this subject, a billion people should be cheering right now.
  • A new tag browser with special tags for ratings, labels, etc.
  • Widescreen mode for editing and previews.
  • Edit can now be done directly in the main window and in tabs.
  • Editable text documents, web archives, bookmarks, etc.
  • Quick Look previews for all kinds of files.
  • A new system-wide Shelf for dragging, browsing and making quick notes.
  • Spotlight searching and improved smart groups, with content searching and relative dates.
  • Encrypted documents.

And much, much more. The release notes tell the full story. Together improves on KIT in every single area.

I have been working almost constantly on Together since February, although the design process began before the release of KIT 1.2 in the summer of 2006. With that version, I intended to revive KIT after its extended break (due to my other app, Feeder, getting sucked into the podcasting whirlwind) to see if there was still interest in the application, because I had a lot of ideas I wanted to try. Thankfully, KIT 1.2 was very well received and I released KIT 1.3 in February of this year to follow that up.

However, while working on 1.3 it became clear that I was reaching the limits of what the app could realistically handle in that form. KIT was originally released for Panther in August 2004 and continued to support Panther for two years afterwards. In the meantime, things had moved on, and with Leopard, would move on again.

Considering KIT’s age and the need to retain my sanity, I decided to start version 2.0 immediately after releasing 1.3. I also decided that it should be rewritten as a Leopard-only application to use the latest technology and everything I have learned in the last three years. My aim was to create a compelling new version that would serve as a solid foundation from which the application can grow.

As such, this has been the biggest single development project I have performed to date. I wanted to blog about Together before its release but, for various reasons, the time vanished. However, I know from the emails I receive that KIT users really care about the app and write very thoughtful suggestions on how it could be improved. Much that is new in this version is the result of that feedback. So, in the next week or so I will post some more in-depth details about the new features in Together 2.0.

5 Responses to “(Keep It) Together 2.0”

  1. TommyW Says:

    It’s fantastic. I’ll have more to say later, and probably blog on it later, but for now, on an initial look…

    It’s fantastic…

  2. Kelsang Norbu Says:

    Ace – thanks for this. As one of your regular email moaners/suggestion makers I wanted to say thanks for listening. I will be upgrading very soon.

  3. veryBummed Says:

    Wow, I’ve been really very excited for this release, and was one of the ‘billion’ who really really wanted the nested folders feature. I bought KIT many months ago, and even though the lack of that feature bothered me to no end, I stuck with KIT because it really is the best PIM for the Mac, imho.

    Have to say I’m pretty p*ssed off now, however. Together 2.0 is only available for Leopard, and I am not planning to perform that OS upgrade any time soon. I think that it is totla BS for you to be leaving 10.4 users in the dust like this. Could you not have made some of the new features Leopard-only? ARG!

    Please understand that my frustration stems from the fact that I love KIT… But not so much that I’ll be installing a whole new operating system for the new version. Together 2.0 does indeed look fantastic. If only I could run it on my machine I would purchase a license in an instant.

  4. Steve Harris Says:

    I’m sorry, but there’s no chance of me backporting Together to Tiger.

    With Together I had to start from scratch. This will be the platform for the app for the next few years. KIT was, for some time, hampered by its backwards compatibility with Panther.

    Leopard contains a number of technologies that make Together possible in its current form and these are integral to the app, not things that can be made optional (e.g. Quick Look previews, FSEvents for detecting file changes). Even the Objective-C programming language has been updated on Leopard, so it’s not like I can just rip out parts and create a Tiger variant.

    I took this decision when I started back in February. Of course, Leopard was meant to be released four months earlier than it actually was. Based on Omni’s stats ( http://update.omnigroup.com/ ) around 90% of people upgraded to Tiger within the first six months of its release and I expect Leopard will be a similar story.


  5. Arthur Says:

    I’m sorry I will have to move to another PIM. I used KIT because of the ability to port my library between computers on an ipod. Unfortunately with the poor decision to move to a leopard only OS I will have to find another solution. I do not intend to upgrade in the near future and even I I did some machines I work on will not be upgraded.

    Well KIT, it was nice while it lasted.