About Reinvented Software

Reinvented Software is an independent software company based in the United Kingdom devoted to creating great software for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Founded in April 2004 by long-time Mac developer Steve Harris, Reinvented Software launched in earnest with the release of Keep It Together (KIT) on August 3, 2004, which was renamed to Together with the release of version 2.0 in November 2007.

Feeder, for publishing RSS and podcast feeds, arrived in February 2005, and became a key tool as podcasts made it into iTunes and reached out to the public at large.

Poster arrived in December 2010 as one app for posting photos and videos to the web, but was discontinued in March 2017.

In July 2014, almost exactly 10 years after Together for Mac's first release, Together for iPhone and iPad arrived as Reinvented Software's first app for iOS.

In August 2017, Together was succeeded by Keep It, available for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Feedback & Support

For product support, feedback, pre-sales questions or to retrieve lost registration codes, please visit the Support pages, where you can find the answers to frequently asked questions and contact email addresses for those apps.