iTunes 4.9 Released

iTunes 4.9 is out, I’ve been checking out the podcasting features and it looks great. I thought I’d post some screenshots – click the images to see full-size versions.

It all starts at the iTunes Music Store. There’s a new Podcasts genre which works much like the rest of iTMS except everything is currently free.

Podcast Genre in iTunes Music Store

The new Podcast entry in the source list holds all your subscribed podcasts. The small window on top is what you see when you click on the Info button to the right of the podcast or show:

Podcast Playlist in iTunes

The bottom right has buttons to unsubscribe and a settings button which takes you to iTunes new Podcasts preferences. Shown here:

Podcast Preferences in iTunes

Finally when playing a podcast, an AAC audio file can be set up to have chapters using a new application, currently in beta, called ChapterTool – at present this is a command line tool, but (totally unsubstantiated prediction alert!) probably a sign of things to come in something like, oooh, GarageBand. Anyway, when a podcast has chapters you can navigate them using a little chapter button next to the audio display:

Podcast Chapters in iTunes

Finally, I mentioned in a previous post that Feeder would support the new “pod” namespace extension that Apple would release with iTunes 4.9. It turns out this is called the “itunes” namespace and has a ton of stuff in it. The information for this is available in the iTMS.

Feeder will be supporting these extra tags in Feeder 1.2, which should be out, well, as soon as it’s ready. I’ve yet to do a detailed design and estimate and I’m hoping to put some other stuff in that release too, so expect it in a month or two.

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