Feeder Watch July 2005

Feeder has been getting quite a bit of attention lately (can’t think why!), and there’s more coming in the near future…

Oliver Bredenback at Boinx Software has published an excellent article (biased, moi?) on How to Create Podcasts with .Mac.

Paul Figgiani mentions Feeder on ThePoint Podcast No. 38.

Mark Reid talks about Feeder on show No. 2 of The Mac Report podcast.

Jason O’Grady writes about Feeder on O’Grady’s PowerPage as he prepares for his podcast.

In Sweden, on MacPro’s website (thought I’m not really sure what it says, it looks innocuous enough!).

Feeder is was mentioned in the Cool Mac Picks segment of Inside Mac Radio on July 23rd.

Thank you, everybody!

5 Responses to “Feeder Watch July 2005”

  1. Mark Says:

    And thank you for creating Feeder.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I think it’s great you’ve gotten all of this publicity. Considering how often I see ‘Feeder’ in every podcast reference, there must be good reason. Congratulations on all of that. However (isn’t there always a ‘however’?), all of this talk makes me more anxious than ever to have the very latest version so I can get to posting my first attempt of podcasting on iTunes. I’m not the ‘code’ type. I NEED an app like Feeder.

    Gosh, I know, you’re working feverishly on this and you’ HAVE announced an ‘August’ release date. I don’t suppose you can be a bit more specific, could you? I feel that every day that passes without this having this option is an opportunity missed. Can do anything to help? Can I do your laundry? …clean the dishes in your sink? …vacuum the living room? …ANYthing to hurry the process?

  3. Steve Harris Says:


    Thanks! Ah, the dishes can wait and you don’t need to do laundry if you don’t wash (just kiddin’).

    I can reveal exclusively in this comment on this blog that my planned release date for Feeder 1.2 was actually August 3rd, to coincide with Reinvented Software’s 1st birthday.

    However (isn’t there always a ‘however’?), just last week the date slipped – forwards! – to August the 1st. And just yesterday it happened again, the date shot forwards again.

    Think July. Think this week. Think of a day beginning with ‘F’. Yep, if all goes well Feeder 1.2 should be released on Friday. đŸ™‚

  4. Jerry Says:

    Fabulous and fantastic! (Which both begin with ‘F’). And, heck, on top of everything, let me wish Reinvented Software an early Happy Birthday since I’ll probably be too busy uploading podcasts via ‘Feeder’ come August 3rd.

    Thanks, Steve, for the great news!

  5. Jerry King Musser Says:

    Okay, Steve… I purchased Feeder 1.2 the day it was released.

    Ever since iTunes 4.9 allowed podcasting uploads, I’ve been nutty to get started. Mind you, I’d never attempted or contemplated podcasting before. I wouldn’t have bothered, thinking it beyond my capabilities. It’s the fact that I could create something which is on iTunes that’s caused this sudden goal. But, here’s the thing… although I’m not exactly a novice with Macintosh, I’m also far from the nerd type. Heck, I’m just a media artist—not a tech nut. So, I was a bit reticent about the whole podcasting thing. In short, I was relying on Feeder 1.2 to get me through. Well, the day after purchasing 1.2, I took the leap. I set out to place ‘something’ on iTunes Podcasting channel. Apparently, it ‘took’. At least the message came up to thank me for submitting… and that it would take a few days before Apple checks if my content is suitable. Although I found some of the terminology confusing or redundant within the overall interface, I was actually able to slog my way through the process thanks to your instructional help file and the ‘validation’ stage. (My guess is that the terminology issue is partly due to my lack of knowledge and of the established nomenclature). So, assuming that Apple finds no technical issues with my upload submission, Feeder 1.2 made this all happen. And, from a blockheaded artist type Mac guy, I’m grateful to you for your efforts. (By the way, for anyone interested, and IF Apple approves it, search for ‘Anthracite’ within the podcasting section of iTunes during the following days. It’s not much for now, but I’m looking forward to adding more wigged out stuff as I become acquainted with the process).

    Again, thanks Steve.