Feeder 1.2.1 / Feeder Watch

Feeder 1.2.1 is released today and about time too as far as I’m concerned, not that anyone has complained. I don’t normally add new functionality to x.x.x releases, but with the previous release (v1.2) I tried to get the iTunes functionality out there as soon as it was ready, to quell the endless emails of desperation. That meant postponing some of the things I originally wanted to include such as file publishing and AppleScript.

File publishing appears in 1.2.1 but I still haven’t got the AppleScript support in there. I did start it, but it was taking much longer than I expected so I thought it better to get the release with my tweaks and fixes out there now. AppleScript support is not high on the request list but it is something I think is sorely lacking right now. It’s also been good to let the iTunes stuff settle and I’ve added and improved on apsects of that functionality based on feedback and my own judgement.

The rest of the originally planned 1.2 release will go into a 1.3 release due towards the end of this year, along with some more cool new features that should make their first public appearance at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California this coming November. 😀

In other Feeder news, it was great to hear This Week in Tech‘s Leo Laporte sing Feeder’s praises in his interview with Adam Christianson on a special edition of the MacCast – thanks again to Adam, he is also a big Feeder fan and I’ve had a ton of hits from his site over the last month or so. You can find that episode here.

Finally, Feeder appears in the September issue of SVM Mac in France and a PDF version of the article is available here. This is the first appearance of Feeder 1.2 in the press. Vive la France!

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