KIT, Feeder Mentioned on NosillaCast

Both KIT and Feeder get mentioned by Allison Sheridan on Show 18 of NosillaCast. Allison also talks about Feeder’s 1.2.5 update on Show 19.

Feeder often gets podcast exposure, but I think this is KIT’s first mention on a podcast and that’s really cool. 😀

I *almost* met Allison at Podcast Expo, she emailed me just as I was leaving the hotel for the Bay Area. I should probably make a list of the people I meant to meet at the Expo to try again next year (well, if I go again next year – hope so!), it would be quite long. Anyway, Allison does an interesting tech podcast and is great to listen to. Thanks Allison!

2 Responses to “KIT, Feeder Mentioned on NosillaCast”

  1. Allison Says:

    Hey Steve – thanks for the link! glad you like the ‘cast.

  2. Reinvented Blog » Blog Archive » Share the Love Says:

    […] Now, as it happened, Potion Factory’s Andy Kim told me that this was on Allison’s show (even though I’m still subscribed to Allison’s show, I have a backlog, OK!). I often talk with Andy, we’re good friends. I met both Andy and Jin at the Podcast Expo. Coincidentally, Allison wrote to me the very same day with a support question, so I mentioned in my reply that I had heard the show and told her exactly what I thought of Podcast Maker. […]