Feeder on MacBreak Weekly

MacBreak WeeklyFeeder gets a very favourable mention on MacBreak Weekly 31 by Merlin Mann, whose recommendation was echoed by Leo Laporte, who uses Feeder for the TWiT podcast feeds.

If you need to do anything with making an RSS feed, Feeder is going to make it very easy for you […] Fantastic application, I bought it in a minute.

– Merlin Mann

You can hear the full review and the rest of the show here: MacBreak Weekly 31

2 Responses to “Feeder on MacBreak Weekly”

  1. Tim Says:

    I caught that! I liked how they kept referring to you as “they”, as if Feeder was the product of a whole lot of people’s hard work, rather than the work of one very talented individual (complementary ass kissing). You’ve hit the big time bay-bee!

  2. Chad Says:

    I never heard of Feeder until MacBreak Weekly. I tried it, LOVED IT, and bought it. Happy to put my money towards a quality program.