2007 Review & New Support Forums

Happy New Year! 2007 was a great year for Reinvented Software, but in trying to sum it up, I’ve decided that it was a bit like a sandwich. You can see the top and bottom, while the meat is mostly hidden in the middle. The highlights:

The year ended insanely busy for me as Together’s launch was more successful than I’d anticipated, but that’s no bad thing. Thankfully though, things quietened down over the holidays, so I could take some time out, work on Together 2.0.4 (released earlier today) and, since I got so many requests for this, set up a support forum, which I’m launching today. There hadn’t been any call for this until Together 2.0, so I’m hoping it’ll be useful.

There are three sections: the “Frequently Asked Questions” section has links to the existing FAQs, “Support” is for support questions or reporting problems, and “Feedback” covers things like feature requests and other general discussion concerning the two applications.

Support is still available via email on the Support pages along with the form to automatically send out lost codes, and of course I will continue to write about the apps on this blog.

Thanks to everyone who helped make 2007 such a great year for me. The year ahead also looks to be a busy one too and who knows what’s around the corner with Macworld Expo in a couple of weeks’ time.

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