Together 2.1 Released

Together 2.1 is released today. This is a large update that includes the most-wanted feature requests following version 2.0, along with some great new features to help make Together easier and more useful. You can download the latest version here.

Sync, AppleScript, Web PDFs

Together 2.1Together can now sync its library with .Mac, includes AppleScript support and a new way of saving web pages – as PDFs that look identical to the original page, with background images, clickable links and no pagination.

Shelf Improvements

The Shelf has seen a number of improvements, including a new Favorites section, where you can drag groups and items from Together’s library for quick access, Quick Look previews, so you don’t need to go back to Together to see the content of a file, the ability to tag and group Quick Notes and the option to hide the Shelf tab, so it will open when the mouse moves to the edge of the screen.


Smart groups become more useful with the ability to only search specified groups instead of the entire library. With group tagging, Together can automatically tag items added to groups and you can now copy or drag clickable links to Together items to other applications.


Together’s import features have been extended considerably. For starters, Together can now automatically import any files saved in its library folders. There is a new global Import Hot Key for importing files from the Finder, URLs from web browsers and email messages, and there are now bookmarklets for Together, so saving a web archive, PDF or bookmark from your web browser is one click away.

For further integration with Spotlight and other applications, Together can now import files’ Spotlight comments and keywords as tags and export items’ Together tags back to the original files’ Spotlight comments in the Finder.

Library and Previews

Together’s user interface is now more customizable, with a choice of icons sizes for items and groups and preferences for the various different previews. Together can now also generate thumbnail icons for web archives and bookmarks.

The Portrait-orientation Info view has been improved so you can see an item’s basic information and its tags, comments, or groups at the same time and the tag browser now has options for which system tags to show.

These are just a selection of more than 60 new features and improvements in this version. The Release Notes page tells the full story and I will be posting more information about these new features over the next few days.

7 Responses to “Together 2.1 Released”

  1. Dave Says:

    This is a fabulous upgrade. Nearly everything I wanted is included! I particularly wanted the ability to save web pages as pdfs, and here it is! Plus an import key and bookmarkets. I’m looking forward to using this version over the coming weeks. And several hours tonight to get a feel for the new version. And .mac synchronisation!

  2. [ Tagamac ] [ Together update: 2.1 ] Says:

    […] my favorite new features; version 2.1 has a slew of other enhancements available, as well (see the short version or the full release notes for more info). Together was already a great application, but with its […]

  3. Ragnar Freyr Says:

    Everything I had a slight problem with before has been fixed in this version. I especially like the shelf improvements!
    Keep up the good work! Together is one of my favourite software! 😀

  4. MacBliss Says:

    This is a fine update. I am enjoying the shelf improvements, the group tagging, and most of all the linking feature. Now I can link to any file in together from any app. Plus all the little enhancements show you really care about this app. I’m delighted to have bought my license just recently and get these updates just a week or so later! Thank you — and especially for releasing it this month as you shared on the forums — I never count on release estimates from developers so I really appreciate it when a release ships on schedule. A feat in itself, for which you should be commended for. Thank you again.

  5. oscar Says:

    Great job Steve! Thanks!

  6. Ian Beck Says:

    I am floored by Together 2.1. You’ve taken most of the major features offered by your competitors and implemented them in a sleeker and more user-friendly way. This is a phenomenal update that makes file management a breeze. Together is a fantastic example of Mac software done right.

    Judging from my brief experience playing around with Together tonight, it is on the fast track to becoming one of my favorite and most-used applications.

  7. TommyW Says:

    Absolutely top work, Steve.

    Great upgrade… for a .1 release, not only fixes but so many great new features. Fair play to you. How often to you get to ‘explore’ an update. So much to explore!

    So much of why I recommend your app to people is not only how excellent it is but also your approach, keep it up.