Together Encryption in Mac App Store Version

Mac App Store iconAfter an enchanting journey through US bureaucracy that started with a question in the Mac App Store submission process and ended in the US National Security Agency’s headquarters at Ft. Meade, Together’s encryption feature is now approved for export by the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security, and has been reviewed and approved by Apple for the Mac App Store.

The result is that as of Together 2.4.3, the Mac App Store version now includes the encryption feature and the only difference between that and the regular version available on the Reinvented Software website is the omission of the “Save PDF to Together” feature, a workaround for which is available to download from the Together downloads page.

As this change only affects the Mac App Store version, it will not appear in the direct version’s Software Update, but an identical version of 2.4.2 with a 2.4.3 version number is on the Downloads page too.

One Response to “Together Encryption in Mac App Store Version”

  1. Fabian Says:

    And again, thank you, Steve! Fighting with any sort of bureaucracy is no fun, so I very much appreciate you did this.

    cheers, Fabian