Poster 1.2

Poster IconPoster 1.2 is available both on this site and the Mac App Store today. This version gets an updated user interface design, improvements when posting to Facebook and SmugMug and the ability to export faces from iPhoto and Aperture. Poster on the Mac App Store is now a sandboxed application on 10.7 and later.


On SmugMug, Poster now supports using subcategories and allows the creation of user categories and subcategories when creating galleries. Poster now also supports uploading images to SmugVault, if your account has that enabled, so rather than be restricted to just JPEG, PNG and GIF files, just about any image format can be uploaded and will be recognized on SmugMug’s servers as belonging to your SmugVault.


For Facebook, it’s now possible to use friend lists such as “Close Friends” when posting to personal accounts. Poster will show all the lists associated with your account once you give it permission to access those lists. You’ll be prompted for this next time you create a new upload. Poster can also post videos to pages, now that Facebook has made this possible.


There are no visible changes for Flickr, but all the communication with Flickr’s servers has been changed to use OAuth instead of Flickr’s own authentication scheme. In practice this shouldn’t make any difference apart from when you authorize Poster on Flickr in a web browser, you will return to the app automatically. Flickr is moving to using OAuth authentication exclusively from June, so this ensures Poster will continue to work after then.


Poster has export plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture which can be downloaded separately. These have been updated to export faces from your photos when you’re posting to Flickr or Facebook (SmugMug doesn’t support tagging people in photos). The plug-ins have also been updated to work with the sandboxed version of Poster on the Mac App Store, so you need the latest versions if you are running that version.

And More…

There are many more minor new features and improvements in Poster 1.2, see the release notes for a full list. Poster is available from this site or the Mac App Store and requires Mac OS X 10.6 and later. A 15-day trial is available on the Poster Downloads page. Poster costs $19.95.

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