Together Tip: Use Folder Actions to Auto-Import to iCloud Libraries

One of the more popular features in Together is auto-import: you save a file to one of Together’s library folders, and the app automatically imports it into that library.

However, iCloud libraries aren’t visible in the Finder or standard Save dialogs, so this isn’t possible.

A workaround for this is to use Finder folder action scripts to watch a particular folder and import any files added to that folder to your library.

I have created some scripts to do that, and they can be found, along with instructions, on Together’s Script Library page.

There are two folder action scripts: Move to Together or Copy to Together; typically you will want to use Move to Together, as you can then continue to work on the document in the original application, but I’ve provided the other in case that isn’t appropriate. You cannot link to files in iCloud libraries.

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