Keep It 1.1

Keep It IconKeep It 1.1 for Mac and Keep It 1.1 for iPad and iPhone are now available. Both versions include improvements to the list and previews, and add the ability to copy links to items. Keep It for iPad and iPhone gains support for the Files app, the ability to view email files, search improvements, and drag and drop in the iPad version.

Mac and iOS Improvements

Both Keep It for Mac and Keep It for iPad and iPhone get improvements to the items list. The date is now shown as one of the preview lines to leave more room for the name, and it’s possible to always show the size of an item in the list too. You can now copy clickable links to items in Keep It on both Mac and iOS, and those are also made available via the Services menu on Mac.

Drag and Drop and Files app support on iOS 11

Keep It for iPad and iPhone now integrates with iOS 11’s Files app, and on iPad now supports drag and drop, so you can rearrange folders and bundles and drag items around, both within Keep It and to other apps. It’s also possible to drag text from other apps to create notes, and drag web links to save them according to your settings.

Other iOS Improvements

You can now swipe right in the items list to add (or remove) an item as a favorite, as in the Mac app, and all the swipe actions have icons. When searching, you can choose whether to search All Items or just the current list, and the app can now view and search email files. Keep It 1.1 is ready for iPhone X. See the release notes for a full list of changes.

Other Mac Improvements

Keep It for Mac will now zoom rich text files, and its Share extension has been improved to allow you to choose whether or not to save a web link for offline, rather than always follow the app’s Import preferences.

It’s now possible to replace or remove tags on multiple items, and the status bar has been improved to show current progress in compact mode or when the sidebar is collapsed. There is now an option to prevent autoplay in web pages in Keep It’s Files preferences. See the downloads page for a full list of changes.


Keep It for iPad and iPhone is available from the App Store with a free trial. Prices vary by region, but are based on the US App Store price of $7.99/year or $0.99/month. Your iTunes account will not be billed until the trial period ends, and you can cancel at any time up to 24-hours before the trial ends at no charge.

Keep It for Mac is available directly from Reinvented Software, and can be downloaded as a free trial. A license for Version 1 is $49.99, includes free updates for all 1.x versions. Keep It currently offers a half-price ($24.99) discount for Together 3 users, with free upgrades for anyone who purchased Together 3 on or after February 17, 2017.

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