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Feeder 2.2

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Feeder 2.2 is now available. This version adds support for new iTunes podcasting tags, improves announcements, adds FTP-SSL publishing and faster SFTP uploads.


You can now edit manually posted announcements to Twitter and Facebook. For Twitter, Feeder will shorten the links with if you have chosen to do so in Announcement settings. Manually posting to Facebook works similarly, and you can specify the message, link, and choose a specific thumbnail (or none at all).

iTunes Podcasting

Two tags previously only used by iTunesU feeds are now available for general iTunes podcasting feeds, these are itunes:order and itunes:isCloseCaptioned.

The itunes:order tag allows you to specify the order of the episodes as they will appear in iTunes, which will otherwise sort by publication date. In Feeder, this tag will be added automatically based on the ordering of the items in your feed when sorted by Item Number, which can be rearranged as required.

The itunes:complete tag appears in the iTunes Podcasting Info section in Feeder as “Is Complete”. Setting this to Yes will indicate that no more episodes will be added to the podcast, and in the case of iTunes U podcasts will allow all episodes to be downloaded at once.


Along with FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, MobileMe and Amazon S3, Feeder can now publish with FTP-SSL. SFTP uploads are now faster and it’s now possible to skip publishing scheduled feeds at startup by holding on Command-Option.

Intel Only

As announced previously, Feeder is now an Intel only application, but still runs on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. If you are using a PowerPC Mac, do not upgrade to this version. Version 2.1.10 will always be available on the Feeder downloads page.

And More!

There are many more small changes in Feeder 2.2 covering most parts of the application, see the release notes for more details.

Feeder 2.2 costs $39.95 and is a free upgrade for all registered Feeder 2.x users. Upgrades from version 1.x cost $14.95.

Advance Notice: PowerPC Support Going Away

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Support in my apps for PowerPC Macs will be dropped as of Feeder 2.2 and Together 2.5, which will be released as the year progresses. Poster only runs on Mac OS X 10.6 and later and is therefore already Intel-only.

The reason, quite simply, is that Apple is transitioning their developer tools and has dropped PowerPC support from the new versions, which will make it impossible to both build apps for PowerPC and take advantage of the new features in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, out later this year.

Personally, while I can understand why Apple is doing this, I think the move is a tad premature. I would rather wait until such a time that I choose to drop support for Mac OS X 10.5, the last version of Mac OS X to run on PowerPC.

The final versions of the apps to run on PowerPC will always be available to download from this site.

Reinvented Software in the Mac App Store

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Feeder and Poster are on Mac App Store for its launch today. Together requires more changes than those two apps and should follow in a couple of weeks, provided it is accepted and depending on how long the review process will take.


Poster IconPoster is now $9.99. The version on the Mac App Store is identical in its functionality, however it will not offer to install export plug-ins for Aperture or iPhoto, as installing additional software is prohibited. Versions of the plug-ins are available for download from my site. These new versions of the plug-ins will check for updated versions as those cannot be delivered through the main app. On the price drop, existing customers will be refunded the difference.


Feeder IconFeeder is on the Mac App Store with its price unchanged. This version is almost identical to the regular version with the exception that it will not offer to wake your Mac from sleep for scheduled publishing, because that requires admin privileges, which is also prohibited by the Mac App Store. A workaround is to schedule wake from sleep manually in System Preferences.

Finally, a note about version numbers, which aren’t quite in line. Poster 1.0 in the App Store has all the relevant fixes from Poster 1.0.1. Feeder 2.1.6 is on my site today to bring it in line with the App Store version, but doesn’t add anything significant for existing users so it won’t appear in Feeder’s automatic software update.

Feeder 2.1.2 Improves Facebook Announcements

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Thanks to changes by Facebook, Feeder 2.1.2 adds the ability to post to groups and pages when announcing items on the site. If you use Feeder to announce on Facebook, even if you don’t need to post to a group or page, there are a few things you need to know.


You will need to authorize Feeder to post to Facebook again for two reasons: Facebook has changed their authorization scheme and Feeder needs to be granted new permissions to work with your groups on Facebook. If you don’t reauthorize Facebook, your posts won’t be sent to Facebook when publishing.

To reauthorize Feeder:

  • Show the Info view by choosing View > Show Feed Info from the menu.
  • Click Settings and then choose Announcements
  • Click the Change button next to your Facebook account name
  • Log in to Facebook and follow the prompts

Posting to a Group or Page

Facebook AnnouncementsOnce authorized, there’s new a pop-up menu in Feeder’s Announcements view for choosing where to post, which will list any Facebook pages you administer and all the groups to which you belong (it’s not possible for Feeder to determine which groups you administer).

The list is only retrieved when you first authorize Feeder, so if you create a new group or page, choose Refresh from the pop-up menu to update the list. If you only want to post to your wall as before, you can just leave this as “Profile Wall”.

When posting to a group, the post will appear to come from you. When posting to a page, the post will use the page name instead.

Better Thumbnails

Another improvement is that Feeder will now try to use a thumbnail from the item you’re announcing. If you’re using the Media RSS extension, Feeder will send the Thumbnail URL. If not, it’ll use the first image it finds in your post, if any. If it can’t find an image, Facebook will do its regular thing of choosing one from the corresponding web page.

Feeder 2.1

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Feeder IconFeeder 2.1 is available today. This version adds support for WebDAV, updates the iTunes preview to match the recent changes to the iTunes Store and supports themes for previewing iTunes U feeds. This release also adds drag and drop Sparkle appcasts, improves MP3 tagging, working with Twitter accounts and will now run as a 64-bit application on Snow Leopard.

Publishing and Announcements

Feeder can now publish feeds using WebDAV, which could previously only be accomplished by connecting to the server as a disk in the Finder and publishing using File Export. The same system is being used to publish to iDisks now too.

Feeder 2.1 also dramatically improves the experience of authorizing Twitter accounts, thanks entirely to Twitter implementing xAuth, an alternative to OAuth for desktop and mobile apps that removes the need to use a web browser to authenticate and authorize applications. This not only makes it much easier to authenticate with Twitter, but also to use different accounts for different feeds, as you no longer need to log out of one Twitter account on the web to authorize another.

64-bit and Snow Leopard

Feeder now runs as a 64-bit application on Snow Leopard. While this is not something you should notice, it will become more important once all your applications make the transition to 64-bit, as the Mac OS X will no longer need to load its 32-bit versions of everything, improving performance and saving memory. Feeder will also use QuickTime X on Snow Leopard when working with audio and video files.


Feeder’s iTunes preview has now been updated to match the recent changes at the iTunes Store and adds customizable colors for iTunes U feeds. Feeder is now also using a completely different third-party framework for tagging MP3 files, which should improve both the reliability of Feeder and compatibility of the audio files.


In addition to the above, there are many more tweaks and changes in this release, including drag and drop Sparkle appcasts (drag an application to create a zip file and fill out the version numbers, etc), gestures to zoom the preview, navigate the list and switch editing modes and more.

To see full list of changes and download the latest version, see the Feeder Release Notes page.

Feeder 2.1 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later, costs $39.95 and is a free upgrade for all registered Feeder 2.0 users. Feeder 1.x users can upgrade for $14.95.