Create, edit and publish
RSS and podcast feeds

Feeder is for creating, editing, and publishing RSS feeds. Whether it’s a podcast or a news feed for your site, Feeder makes it easy.

Create a new feed in a few quick steps, or download an existing feed from the web. For podcasters, Feeder ensures everything meets Apple’s specifications, and shows a preview of how your episodes will look in Apple Podcasts. Easily add links and lists to shownotes. Publish with FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, or WebDAV. Access your feeds across all your Macs with iCloud.

Feeder Window Serial Podcast with Episode Preview Edit Apple Podcasts Editor Window
Feeder Window Serial Podcast with Episode Preview Edit Apple Podcasts Editor Window

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New in Feeder 4

Feeder 4 has been completely updated with a new rich text editor, to look good and work well on the latest versions of macOS, accommodate Apple’s switch from iTunes to the Podcasts app, and adds support for Spotify and the Podcast Index. Feeder 4 also works with iCloud, so that you can access your feeds on all your Macs, and allows collaboration with other Feeder users via iCloud too. On macOS Monterey, Feeder can now be automated with the new Shortcuts app. See What’s New in Feeder 4 for a full list.


Feeder 3 users can upgrade for half the full price, and if you purchased Feeder 3 in its final year on sale, you will qualify for a free upgrade. See the Feeder Support page for more information.

Get Started Easily

Getting started with Feeder is easy. Create a new feed or podcast in a few easy steps, download an existing feed from the web, or import a file from your computer. From then on, creating content for your feed is as straightforward as writing email, so you will know instinctively what to do.

Perfect for Podcasters

All podcasts are based on an RSS feed that links to the episodes and artwork. Feeder fully supports Apple Podcasts extensions, and provides previews and validation to make sure that your podcast will be accepted and look just right. Feeder also provides flexible publishing options so that your feed, images and media files can be hosted on different servers.

iCloud & Collaboration

Feeder 4 can store your feeds and all their settings in iCloud so that you can work with them on all your Macs. Feeder 4 can optionally also store unpublished enclosures in iCloud, so that you can always access them. Collaborate on feeds with other Feeder 4 users easily via iCloud.

Podcasters, Take Control

Your podcast's feed is the essential link between you and your subscribers, so controlling your feed is vital. When you publish your own feed there is no lock-in; you can move servers, use an analytics service that suits you, switch providers, and control every aspect of your feed with ease.

Edit & Preview

In Feeder, updating your feed is as easy as writing an email. Use the rich text editor to easily add links and lists to shownotes. To save time, Feeder auto-completes from previous entries, and you can use templates for boilerplate text. Switch between the editor and a preview of how your feed will look in Apple Podcasts or an RSS reader.

Powerful Publishing

Feeder can publish your feed using FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV or to folders on disk, and will upload the feed, enclosures and images with a single click. Feeds, images and enclosures can all be published to different servers, if necessary, or uploaded some other way and the details entered into Feeder. Feeds can also be scheduled for publication.

Sparkle Appcasting

Feeder's versatility also extends to Sparkle appcasts. Sparkle is a popular framework used by software developers to provide self-updating applications and uses RSS feeds to deliver the updates. Feeder can be used to create these appcast feeds, including full support for the Sparkle tags, can also automatically generate DSA and edDSA signatures and preview release notes exactly as they will be seen by the user.


Feeder is fully scriptable, and can run an AppleScript, shell script, or Automator workflow when publishing completes. On macOS 12 Monterey and later, Feeder provides a full suite of actions for use in the Shortcuts app, allowing you to automate item creation, editing, and feed publishing in an intuitive graphical way.

What’s New in Feeder 4


  • Podcast preview shows how episodes will look in Apple’s Podcasts app
  • Specify and upload transcripts for Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify support to specify most relevant countries and limit recent episodes
  • Podlove Simple Chapters for chapters in Spotify
  • Fix podcast artwork to match Apple’s specifications
  • Podcast Index support


  • Rich text editor for descriptions
  • Format bar for rich text, HTML and Markdown
  • Continuous scrolling editor with overscroll
  • Margins for editor windows in full screen
  • Syntax colouring for Markdown
  • Improved syntax colouring for HTML
  • Improved support for Apple Podcasts subscriptions


  • Publish to S3-compatible services not provided by Amazon
  • Simplified publishing setup
  • Improvements when posting to WordPress blogs
  • Improved support for redirects
  • Notify WebSub hubs after publishing
  • Improved scheduled publishing


  • Access your feeds on all your Macs with iCloud
  • Collaborate with iCloud sharing
  • See site or podcast icons in the sidebar to easier identify feeds
  • Redesigned feed and settings editor that reduces complexity
  • Latest Sparkle appcasting support