Feeder 2.1 Release Notes Archive

Version 2.1.10


April 11, 2011


  • Fixed a problem posting announcements to Twitter.
  • Improved handling of invalid errors when posting to weblogs.
  • Updated FTP software.

Version 2.1.9


March 17, 2011


  • Added "Asia Pacific (Tokyo)" location for new Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Fixed a problem where URLs for Twitter announcements may not always be shortened.
  • Fixed a problem where enclosures could lose their custom server settings when the "Use Feed Settings" option selected.
  • Ensured that question marks are not included in automatically generated upload filenames.
  • Removed crash reporter in Mac App Store version as these are now provided by Apple.

Version 2.1.8


February 2, 2011


  • Fixed problems on Mac OS X 10.5 working with artwork and fetching image dimensions from the web.
  • Added Asia Pacific (Singapore) location for Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Improved memory use when uploading large files with SFTP.
  • Updated FTP software.

Version 2.1.7


January 11, 2011


  • Fixed a problem where the main window could be blank when the original file for a feed that is linked to the library is missing.
  • Fixed a problem where it would not be possible to change accounts in the Announcements section.
  • Automatically generated Unique IDs are now globally unique UUIDs.
  • Updated SFTP software.

Version 2.1.6


January 6, 2011


  • Added Software Update preference panel.
  • Other changes to support the Mac App Store.

Version 2.1.5


November 4, 2010


  • Fixed a problem where the iTunes U "Marketing" category was omitted.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause Feeder to hang when displaying the title of a feed item that includes a hexadecimal XML entity (prefixed with &#x).
  • Fixed a problem where XML entities would not be decoded for display in titles in Portrait mode.

Version 2.1.4


September 23, 2010


  • Updated iTunes U support adds the ability to complete collections and automatic item ordering based on the order of items in the feed.
  • Disabled the iTunes U Preview as this can now be done via the iTunes U Public Site Manager.
  • Added an option to prevent Feeder from trying to keep FTP connections alive when publishing.
  • Fixed a problem where items could appear as unpublished if announcing items on Twitter while publishing failed.
  • Fixed a problem where opening files to edit in Feeder could cause the application to crash.
  • Updated Growl framework.

Version 2.1.3


August 16, 2010


  • Fixed a problem where the list of Facebook pages would not be saved.
  • Fixed a crash publishing to MobileMe when server filenames contained spaces, quotes or other special characters.
  • Fixed a crash choosing an Amazon S3 bucket on Mac OS X 10.5.8.
  • Fixed a problem where the iTunes Store preview could not always be displayed for podcast feeds missing some information.

Version 2.1.2


June 29, 2010


  • When announcing new items on Facebook, the posts can now be sent to groups and pages, instead of just your profile's wall.
  • Feeder will now use the Media RSS thumbnail or first image in the description of an item (if any) when sending posts to Facebook, instead of allowing Facebook to choose the thumbnail.
  • Feeder now uses the latest Facebook authentication methods.
  • Fixed a problem where the incorrect preview could be displayed in the main window when saving an item that is not at the top of the list.

Version 2.1.1


May 18, 2010


  • Fixed a problem that could cause Feeder to crash when publishing to MobileMe or using WebDAV.
  • Fixed a problem where duplicated feeds' announcement settings could not be edited.
  • Fixed a problem where the currently selected item in the list would change when an item is saved.
  • Fixed a problem where the search would not be cleared when switching between items and the Info view.

Version 2.1


May 4, 2010


  • WebDAV publishing, custom URLs for Amazon S3.
  • Runs as a 64-bit application on Mac OS X 10.6 and later.
  • Completely updated iTunes Store podcast previews and customizable themes for iTunes U previews.
  • Drag and drop Sparkle appcasts.
  • Improved MP3 tagging, Twitter announcements and more.


  • Feeder will now run as a 64-bit application on supported Macs running Mac OS X 10.6 and later.
  • Item previews can be zoomed using the magnify gesture on supported trackpads.
  • It's now possible to navigate through the item list using the left / right swipe gestures on supported trackpads.
  • Feeder now uses QuickTime X when possible on 10.6 and later.
  • Added an option to General preferences to format XML files (on by default) with indentation and line breaks.


  • Swiping left or right on a Magic Mouse or multitouch trackpad in an editing window will switch between Edit and Preview modes.
  • Command-B and Command-I now insert the <strong> and <em> HTML tags respectively, instead of <b> and <i>.


  • Feeder can now publish to WebDAV servers.
  • Amazon S3 servers can now use custom URLs for when the S3 bucket is already mapped to a DNS CNAME.
  • The sheet shown when clicking the Options button for an SFTP server in the Servers window now has choose buttons for the Public and Private Key files.
  • When used on 10.6 and later, using the Choose buttons on the SFTP Options displayed will allow hidden files and folders to be selected.


  • Twitter authentication no longer requires a visit to the Twitter web site through a browser. Instead, the username and password can be entered directly into the app.
  • Feeder now uses bit.ly to shorten URLs.


  • The iTunes Store podcast preview has been completely updated to match the recent changes to the iTunes Store and now includes different previews for audio and video podcasts.
  • The iTunes U preview now be customized with theme colours.
  • Feeder now uses TagLib for tagging MP3 files to improve reliability and compatibility.

Sparkle Appcasting

  • Application bundles can now be dragged to the item list or Enclosure section of an editing window to create a zip file of the app and fill out the version numbers.


  • Fixed a problem where the % character could be escaped twice in URLs.
  • Fixed a problem where it was possible to drag all items in a feed to reorder them, causing an error.

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