Mail Scripts for Keep It

Keep It has no online server where you can send it messages, but you can use Mail's rules to achieve the same thing on your Mac.

If you want a way to add emails as-is and on demand to Keep It, download the Automator workflow instead.

Using the Scripts

There are three scripts:

To set up a rule:

  1. In Mail, choose Mail > Preferences from the menu
  2. Click Rules
  3. Click Add Rule
  4. Give the rule a name
  5. Set one or more conditions. For example, you could check for a specific email address or subject line
  6. Under “Perform the following actions:” choose “Run AppleScript”
  7. From the adjacent pop-up, choose “Open in Finder”
  8. Download and unzip, and move the files inside the Mail Scripts folder to that folder in the Finder
  9. Go back to Mail and choose one of the scripts from the menu

The end result would look something like this:

Screenshot of Mail's Rules sheet


If you are using macOS Mojave 10.14 or later, you will need to allow Mail to control one or more of “Keep It”, “System Events” and “Finder” the first time one of the scripts is used. For the “Save Attachments to Keep It” script, Mail will also need access to the Downloads folder.

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