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Here are some answers to questions you may have about Keep It for iPad and iPhone.

For questions about Keep It for Mac, see the Keep It for Mac support page.




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If you are having problems, please request support from within the app, as this will include additional diagnostic information. To do that:

Otherwise, if you can't do that or find an answer here, send questions to


Are all the items from an iCloud library downloaded?

By default items are only downloaded on demand, apart from favorite items, which are always downloaded. To set Keep It to download all items:

  • Tap the gear icon at the top of the Lists view
  • Switch Download All Items on


How can I remove items that have been downloaded to save space?

You can either remove individual downloaded items or all downloaded items. These will be removed from your iPhone or iPad, but still available in iCloud. Note that favorite items are always downloaded, and if an item with changes has not yet been uploaded, it will not be removed.

To remove individual items:

  • In the item list, tap Edit and select the items to remove
  • Tap the remove button and tap Remove Download

To remove all items:

  • Tap the gear icon at the top of the Lists view
  • Tap Remove Downloads


What formats does Keep It support?

You can add any kind of file. Keep It can edit its own notes, rich and plain text files, and save web links as PDFs. Keep It will use Quick Look to show previews for most other file formats.


Can Keep It create files in other formats?

Keep It can create any kind of file using its stationery feature. Stationery can either be empty files, or templates.

Keep It provides stationery for Rich Text, Plain Text and Markdown files, but these must be enabled before they can be used:

  • Tap + below the Lists or items views
  • Tap New From Stationery
  • Tap Manage Stationery
  • Tap on the stationery you wish to make active
  • Switch Active on
  • Tap Save

When enabled, stationery will appear when you tap + and then New From Stationery.

To add stationery from an existing item (e.g. to create a template):

  • Tap on the item in the list to view it
  • Tap the action button (second from the right)
  • Tap Save as Stationery
  • Set the name and tap Save


Can Keep It create a different file format by default?

Yes, you can set any active stationery item as the default when tapping the new button:

  • Tap + below the Lists or items views
  • Tap New From Stationery
  • Tap Manage Stationery
  • Tap Default New Item
  • Tap the item to use


Does Keep It search the content of files?

Yes, Keep It will search the contents of notes, plain and rich text files, bookmarks, web archives, HTML files and PDFs.

Content searches match on whole words. For example, searching for "moth" or "ship" won't find "mothership", you would need to search for the whole word.

To make the content searchable it needs to be indexed. Any files on your device are indexed immediately, but files that are in iCloud will be temporarily downloaded and indexed when your device is connected to wi-fi. iOS may remove indexes if space on your device is tight.


Does Keep It support any URL schemes?

Yes, you can use a URL scheme to create a note with text, or a web link.

Creating a Note

Use the x-keepit URL scheme followed by "add" with the "text" query for the content to add.


Creating a Web Link

Use the same scheme, but with the "url" and optional "name" parameters


The web link will be saved as a PDF if possible and that setting is enabled in Keep It's settings.