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Keep It for iPad and iPhone Support

Below are some answers to questions you may have about Keep It for iPad and iPhone. For questions about Keep It for Mac, see the Keep It for Mac support page.

You can also find comprehensive, searchable help files in the app by tapping this link on the iPad or iPhone where you have Keep It installed, or as follows:

On iPad the help browser can be opened in a separate window by tapping the button next to the back button.


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If you are having problems, please request support from within the app, as this will include additional diagnostic information. To do that:

Otherwise, if you can't do that or find an answer here, send questions to


How can I buy Keep It for iPad and iPhone?

Keep It for iPad and iPhone can be paid for with a monthly or yearly subscription that you purchase in the app.

See here for more information about subscriptions: Keep It Subscriptions.


Is there a combo subscription for Keep It for Mac, iPad and iPhone?

No, Keep It for Mac and Keep It for iPad and iPhone are always paid for separately. For information on buying Keep It for Mac, see Trying and Buying Keep It for Mac.


Are all the items from an iCloud library downloaded?

By default items are only downloaded on demand, apart from favorite items, which are always downloaded. To set Keep It to download all items:

  • Tap the gear icon at the top of the Lists view
  • Switch Download All Items on

Alternatively, you can also set Keep It to download all items in favorite folders or bundles. To do that:

  • Tap the gear icon above the list
  • Tap Settings
  • Switch "Download Items in Favorite Lists" on


How can I remove items that have been downloaded to save space?

You can either remove individual downloaded items or all downloaded items. These will be removed from your iPhone or iPad, but still available in iCloud. Note that favorite items are always downloaded, and if an item with changes has not yet been uploaded, it will not be removed.

To remove individual items:

  • In the item list, tap Edit and select the items to remove
  • Tap the remove button and tap Remove Download

To remove all items:

  • Tap the gear icon at the top of the Lists view
  • Tap Remove Downloads


Is data encrypted in iCloud?

Yes, with iCloud, all data is encrypted both while in transit, and when stored on Apple’s servers. See iCloud security overview for full details — Keep It uses the same encryption as iCloud Drive.

It’s also possible to encrypt individual items in Keep It with a password that only you know:

  • Tap on the item to view it
  • Tap the action button (rectangle with an arrow pointing up)
  • Tap Encrypt


How can I get a copy of all data stored in iCloud?

Keep It only stores the data you have added and can see in the app itself in iCloud, which includes files, folders, searches, bundles, and information about those things. To get a copy of all that information:

  • Tap the gear icon above the list
  • Tap Export iCloud Data and confirm
  • When the download has completed, choose whether to export the files (and folders) or share a ZIP file.

When performing this export, Keep It will convert all notes to RTFD files, so that they can be read in other applications, and include a plain text file with all the metadata that cannot be included in the files themselves, along with additional information about bundles, folders, saved searches, labels, etc.

Note that your device will need enough free space to download everything Keep It stores in iCloud. Keep It will perform an approximate check before starting the export.


How can I see only what is in a folder, rather than everything?

By default, Keep It shows everything a folder, its subfolders and bundles contains, with the folder shown below the name. You can change that behaviour:

  • In Lists view, tap Edit and tap Settings
  • Under "Folders Show All Items" tap on "Never" or "When collapsed"


How can I see things that are not filed in any bundle or folder?

To see unfiled items:

  • Tap Edit above the Lists view
  • Tap Settings below the list
  • Switch Show Unfiled on

The Unfiled list will be shown below all other bundles and folders.


How can I see the number of items in a particular list?

The number of items can be shown below the list, when there is no iCloud activity:

  • In the item list, tap Edit and tap Settings
  • Switch "Show Number of Items" on


How can I stop notes from being renamed to the first line?

By default, Keep It always names notes after the first line (or sentence). To change that:

  • Tap the gear icon above the Lists view
  • Tap Settings
  • Under the Automatically Rename heading, tap on Notes
  • Tap on either "Never" or "When First Saved"


What formats does Keep It support?

You can add any kind of file. Keep It can edit its own notes, Markdown, rich and plain text files, add highlights and notes to PDFs, and save web links either as live links or as PDFs. Keep It will use Quick Look to show previews for most other file formats.


Can Keep It create files in other formats?

Keep It can create any kind of file using its stationery feature. Stationery can either be empty files, or templates.

Keep It provides stationery for Rich Text, Plain Text and Markdown files:

  • Tap + below the Lists or items views
  • Tap New From Stationery
  • Tap on the Stationery item

To add stationery from an existing item (e.g. to create a template):

  • Tap on the item in the list to view it
  • Tap the action button (second from the right)
  • Tap Save as Stationery
  • Set the name and tap Save


Can Keep It create a different file format by default?

Yes, you can set any active stationery item as the default when tapping the new button:

  • Tap + below the Lists or items views
  • Tap New From Stationery
  • Tap Manage Stationery
  • Tap Default New Item
  • Tap the item to use


Can Keep It import from Mail?

Keep It can import messages from Mail on iPad:

  • Arrange Keep It side-by-side in split view, or with one of the apps in slideover (instructions here)
  • Select and drag the messages to the items list, or to All Items, a folder, or a bundle in Lists view

It is not possible to drag and drop between apps on iPhone, but you can "print" a PDF of a message to Keep It:

  • View the message in Mail
  • Tap the Reply button
  • Tap Print
  • Pinch to zoom the preview until it fills the screen
  • Tap the share button
  • Tap Keep It

If the message includes attachments, you will not be able to access them through a printed PDF. Instead, save them individually to Keep It:

  • Tap on the attachment to view it
  • Tap the share button
  • Tap Keep It


What is the syntax for Markdown styles?

Editor Styles

Keep It uses styles compatible with MacDown. The file names must end in a .style extension, and the synxtax is described here:

Preview Styles

Any CSS stylesheet can be used.


Does Keep It search the content of files?

Yes, Keep It will search the contents of notes, plain and rich text files, bookmarks, web archives, HTML files, email messages, and PDFs, and will perform text recognition on scanned PDFs and images, including attachments — see How does text recognition work in Keep It? for more information.

To start a search:

  • Swipe to the top of the items list
  • Tap in the search field

Content searches match on whole words. For example, searching for "moth" or "ship" won't find "mothership", you would need to search for the whole word. To search for a partial word, place an asterisk where you want to match anything: e.g. moth* and *ship would find “mothership”.

When searching for multiple words in content, the words don’t necessarily need to be next to each other, or all appear. For example “chocolate chip” would find anything that contains either “chocolate” or “chip”. To match a phrase such as “chocolate chip” exactly, place the phrase in double quotes.

To make the content searchable it needs to be indexed. Any files on your device are indexed immediately, but files that are in iCloud will be temporarily downloaded and indexed when your device is connected to Wi-Fi.


How does text recognition work in Keep It?

Keep It 1.6 and later will perform text recognition on PDF documents and images, including attachments on notes, RTFD files and mail messages.

Keep It doesn’t modify PDFs or convert images to make them searchable, but rather indexes the text so that it can be found again, and stores that text in iCloud to save repeating the work on other devices.

Keep It has always been able to index the text in PDFs that have selectable text or had OCR performed on them already, and does not perform unnecessary text recognition on those, or on images that do not appear to contain any text.

Read more about text recognition in Keep It here:


When I try to save a web archive in the share extension, nothing appears in the app?

Some web pages are too large to be saved by a share extension, which have a very limited memory allowance. Keep It’s share extension will attempt to show an explanatory message about the problem, but may not always be able to.

To get around this, save the web link in the app instead:

  • Copy the link to the clipboard
  • Open Keep It
  • Tap the + button below Lists view or the items list
  • Tap Web Link…
  • Adjust the Save for Offline settings if necessary
  • Tap Save

Alternatively, download and install the Save Web Archive to Keep It shortcut, which can be used in the Share sheet, because its memory allowance is not so limited.


How can I open and access Keep It’s files in other apps?

Any document in Keep It can be opened in another app, and apps can save documents directly to Keep It, provided the app uses the standard document browser. First, enable Keep It in the list of Locations in the Files app.

To do that, open the Files app, and then:

  • On iOS 13 go to the top level, tap the … button, then tap Edit
  • On iPadOS tap the … button in the sidebar, then tap Edit
  • On iOS 12, in the sidebar on iPad, or the top-level on iPhone, tap Edit

… then switch Keep It on, and tap Done.

Once enabled, you will be able to browse and view the files and folders in Keep It not only in the Files app, but any other app that uses the standard document browser.


Does Keep It support any URL schemes?

Linking to Items

Keep It can copy a link to a specific item that can be pasted anywhere:

  • Tap on the item to view it
  • Tap the action button (looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards)
  • Tap Copy Item Link

Linking to Lists

Keep It can copy a link to a specific list that can be pasted anywhere:

  • Swipe left on the list
  • Tap the … (ellipses) button
  • Tap Copy Link


Keep It supports x-callback-urls for automation. See Keep It URL Support for documentation.