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These are some frequently asked questions about Poster. You can also find comprehensive help files in the application by choosing Help > Poster Help from the main menu.

For questions about sales and registration codes, see the General FAQ.

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Does Poster work with Photos for OS X?

Yes, Poster provides a Share extension that can be used to export from Photos for OS X. Poster’s extension lets you choose an account then sends the photos to Poster for you to work on as normal.

If you have Poster installed, “Post with Poster” will appear in the list of services when you click the Share button in the Photos app. If you don't see it, click More to enable Post with Poster in System Preferences.


Why doesn't Poster use the titles and keywords in Photos?

Photos does not provide metadata such as titles and keywords to Poster when using the Share extension. Instead, you can export the photos as files and import those instead.

Flickr accounts always use file names as titles, but if you are using SmugMug or Facebook, first enable the option to use file names as titles in Poster's preferences:

  • Choose Poster > Preferences from the menu.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Select the account(s) you are using to publish and enable "Use file names as titles".
  • If a SmugMug account, also enable "Use keywords from files" if you need that.
  • Close the Preferences window.

To export from Photos:

  • In Photos, select the images to export and choose File > Export > Export n Photos from the menu.
  • Ensure "Titles, Keywords and Description" is checked.
  • From the File Name pop-up, choose "Use Title".
  • Click Export.
  • Choose a location and click Export.

Once Photos has exported the files, you can drag them to Poster to import.


Are there export plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture?

No. While Poster used to provide export plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture, these no longer work on OS X Yosemite or later.


How can I remove the iPhoto and Aperture plug-ins?

Follow these steps to remove those:

  • Download this script: (64KB)
  • Unzip the file, if necessary and open the "Uninstall Poster Plugins" application.
  • Click Remove to confirm you wish to remove the plug-ins.


Are volume or educational discounts available for Poster?

No discounts are provided for Poster when purchased from Reinvented Software. Apple makes volume discounts available through its Volume Purchase Program and Volume Purchase Program for Education in some countries.