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Keep It 2.1 is now available for Mac, iPad and iPhone. This version is updated for macOS Ventura, adds Find & Replace on iOS and iPadOS 16, and follows up on the new features added in Keep It 2.0 to bring improvements to toolbars and format bars on Mac, Compact Mode, the Share extension on iPad and iPhone, note styles, Reader mode, Quick Look and Quick Open, Shortcuts, AppleScript, and more.

Notes & Text Editing

When finding text in notes and other editable text files on iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, tap the magnifying glass icon and choose Find & Replace from the menu shown. Here you can also choose to match whole words and to match case sensitively.

On macOS Ventura, clicking the color button in the format bar for notes and rich text documents will show a popover for quickly accessing colors — the full color palette can be shown by clicking Show Colors. 

It’s now possible to change whether heading and custom note styles are underlined, and custom styles can also be set to be struck through — it was always possible to save custom styles from selected text with underline and strikethrough attributes, but not to change those once saved. In addition, these attributes are now shown in the preview and notes dropdown menu in the format bar on Mac (they were already shown in the new format view on iOS).

Web Pages & PDFs

On macOS Ventura, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.1, text in scanned PDFs can now be selected, highlighted, copied and found on the page in languages and on devices that support Live Text.

When finding text in PDFs and web pages on iOS and iPadOS 16, tap the magnifying glass icon to choose options to match whole words and to match case sensitively.

Whether or not a web page was viewed in reader mode will now be remembered and restored the next time the web page is viewed — this applies across devices.

Format Bars & Toolbars

On macOS, format bars (shown above the preview) will now show an overflow item when the buttons will not fit the available width, and it’s now possible to show toolbars either as just icons (as in all prior versions of Keep It) or as icon and text. 


On iOS and iPadOS 16, tap the current item’s name in the navigation bar to see options to change its name, export, and print the item.

When multiple items are selected on iOS and iPadOS 16, tapping and holding (or right-clicking) will now show a context menu appropriate for all of the selected items.

When changing how items are sorted on Mac, the sort direction (whether ascending / descending, or newest / oldest first) will be preserved.


On iPad and iPhone both the Import view and the Share extension can now filter the destination list or item. Also on iPad and iPhone, if you attempt to add a bookmarks HTML file, such as the kind exported by a web browser, Keep It will offer to import each of those bookmarks as web links. Keep It will preserve the folder structure and tags in the bookmarks file.


In Shortcuts, the “Find Keep It Items” action can now match items with highlighted text or checklists, and the highlighted text, and completed and outstanding checklist items can be accessed in both Shortcuts on Mac, iOS and iPadOS, and AppleScript on Mac, and there are improvements for adding text to Keep It using Automator or AppleScript on Mac.

And More…

Quick Look and Quick Open no longer match against the exact order of the words typed, making the search more flexible. Set a color when creating folders and bundles. It’s now easier to navigate between items in Compact Mode on Mac. Sound files now show a scrubber for going to a particular time. Markdown source can be printed with syntax highlighting on iOS. Keep It supports the new Share sheet capabilities on macOS Ventura and on iOS and iPadOS 16. 

See the release notes for a full list of changes:

Pricing & Availability

Keep It for Mac is available for $59.99 directly from Reinvented Software or the Mac App Store, and both offer a free trial. Existing Keep It 1.x customers can upgrade for $29.99, unless they purchased Keep It 1.x in the 12 months before Keep It 2.0 went on sale, in which case the upgrade is free. Alternatively, Keep It for Mac is also available with yearly or monthly subscriptions at $19.99/year or $2.49/month only from the Mac App Store. Keep It for Mac requires macOS 11.3 or later.

Keep It for iPad and iPhone is available separately from the App Store with a choice of yearly or monthly subscriptions at $11.99/year or $1.49/month. Keep It for iPad and iPhone requires iOS 15 or later.

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