Feeder on NeatLittleMacApps Podcast

Feeder is reviewed on Episode 6 of the NeatLittleMacApps podcast with Frank De Graeve. Each episode of the NeatLittleMacApps podcast features a single application, gives an overview of their capabilities, a quick walkthrough and usually some special offers and/or prizes too.

NeatLittleMacApps LogoIn the beginning there was nothing…

No wait, there was something. There was an RSS-feed creation tool called Feeder. And then there was podcasting.

Ok now combine this with a developer who updates his software so fast that he must be psychic, and you get probably the best and most used podcast/rss-feed creating App out there.

Thanks, Frank! For every app Frank reviews, he gives a developer tip such as a feature request, something he thinks is not quite right or whatever.

I won’t spoil the podcast by revealing that here, but I will say: yes, that is becoming one of the most requested features for Feeder, something like that is coming and you might be pleasantly surprised at how it works out.

It’s a great review of Feeder, check it out as there is also the chance to win some free copies and a promotional code. 🙂

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