Together 2.5

Together 2.5 is now available for direct customers (the Mac App Store version is pending review).

Lion Changes

The focus of this version is to make Together work well on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion with full screen mode, overlay scrollbars, Quick Look previews for text attachments and the new find bar for search text within documents. If you were running Lion before its release, there are also many fixes and performance improvements specific to Lion.

New Requirements

One big change is that Together is now Intel-only and requires Mac OS X 10.6 and later. Apple is taking quite an aggressive approach to moving its developer tools forward to an Intel-only world and it was not possible to have Together both work on 10.5 and take advantage of the new features in 10.7.


In addition to Lion-specific features, Together also adds some new features for 10.6 users, including Quick Look previews for text documents that are not RTF or plain text, such as Word documents, a text size preference for Quick Notes, cleaner looking tabs and group icon. Together has also been improved so that it now remembers the last viewed page in PDF documents, search results are updated when moving and removing items.

Finally, Together’s library file has changed into a file package containing both the library database and supporting files. While something of a technical change, this may affect backups and such. The change has been made necessary by the Mac App Store guidelines and forthcoming sandboxing feature of Lion. Together will migrate library files to the new version as they are opened.


Together 2.5 is a free upgrade for all paid Together 2.x users, the price remains unchanged at $39.95 and a 15-day trial is available for download from this site.

A full list of changes in this version is available in the release notes.

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