Feeder 2.3

Feeder IconFeeder 2.3 is now available. This version improves sharing on Twitter and Facebook, adds capabilities for working with online iTunes podcast artwork, allows automatic reordering of items and more.


Since its release, Feeder 2 has been able to send updates to Twitter and Facebook automatically after publishing, or manually on demand. Version 2.3 makes this feature more accessible by placing a new Share item in the toolbar. Also the “Post to Twitter” and “Post to Facebook” menu items have been improved to show the account name being used. Apple has already announced that OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will add global sharing services for sending things to Twitter, Flickr and so on. In future, the Share menu will support those too.

Posting to Facebook has been updated to handle expiring authorization, which will require you to reauthorzie Feeder to post to Facebook every few months for new accounts. Feeder will make it clear when this needs to be done.

As of this release, URLs sent to Twitter are now always considered to be the length of its t.co shortened URLs as, since last November, all URLs are wrapped in this way regardless of whether a URL shortener is already used. This negates the need to use your own URL shortener unless you require statistics or other such information.

iTunes Podcasting

Apple recently announced an increase in the recommended size of iTunes artwork to 1200 pixels square, which Feeder now supports, and online artwork files for individual podcast episodes.

Previously episode artwork could only be embedded in the file itself, if possiblem but Apple TV is now able to show per-episode artwork without needing to download the audio or video files. Feeder now supports this, and using it is a simple as dragging artwork to the artwork box and it will be uploaded when the feed is published.

And More…

This version can also reorder all the items in a feed automatically by title or publication date date and includes the ability to move linked feed files to your Feeder library. See the Feeder downloads page for a full list of changes.

Feeder 2.3 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later and is a free upgrade for all registered Feeder 2.x users. A 15-day trial version is available for download from this site. A full license is $39.95 and upgrades from version 1.x are $14.95. Bulk and education discounts are also available. Feeder is also available from the Mac App Store.

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