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Together for iPad and iPhone 1.3

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Together for iPad and iPhone 1.3 is released today with support for new features in iOS 9, improved Share extension and previews along with other fixes and improvements.

Multitasking on iPad with iOS 9

Together 1.3 will work with Split View and Slide Over on supported iPad models running iOS 9 that allows you to see two apps at once. How Together looks depends on its size, so when it’s narrow, such as in Slide Over, it will work like the iPhone app and when wider it’ll look like the iPad app in portrait mode with a sidebar that appears when you tap the button in the navigation bar. The same changes make it possible to show the sidebar in landscape mode on iPhone 6 Plus.

Together 1.3 for iPad and iPhone

Improved Share Extension

The Share extension has been improved to handle more than just web links, with new support for photos and videos and text that gets saved as notes, making it more convenient to add these things to the current Together library from within other apps.

Improved Rich Text Documents

When using stationery, you no longer need to choose between Rich Text (RTF) and Rich Text & Attachments (RTFD). Instead, you create a Rich Text file and it’s converted to an RTFD file if you add an attachment, such as an image. Together for Mac 3.4.7 includes the same functionality and both versions have now dropped the separate Rich Text & Attachments stationery.

And more…

Items you view will now be indexed by iOS 9’s systemwide Spotlight for searching. Previewing bookmarks on iOS 9 uses a new Safari view, which features many of the features of Safari, such as reader mode, autofill and content blockers. There are also improvements for working with encrypted files, a consolidation of the way some features work across both iPad and iPhone, plus various other minor fixes and improvements. See the release notes for a full list of changes.

Together for iPad and iPhone requires iOS 8.4 or later, is a free upgrade for all existing users and is priced at $9.99 from the App Store.

Chrome Extension for Together

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Matt Howell has created a Chrome extension for Together, built on Together’s bookmarklets to import web pages as PDFs, bookmarks or web archives.

Together Chrome Extension screenshot

You can download the extension from the GitHub project page.

Together 3.4 for Mac and 1.2 for iPad and iPhone

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Together IconTogether 3.4 for Mac is now available. This version includes a Share extension for importing URLs from Safari and other apps, adds a Markdown preview, new library management features, more changes to ensure the app looks good on OS X Yosemite, plus other new features and improvements. Together 1.2 for iPad and iPhone is also available today featuring a new Share extension, visual tweaks and a number of other improvements.

Share Extension

Together for Mac now includes a Share extension for importing URLs from Safari. Appearing as “Add to Together” when you click the Share button, the extension can tell Together to import the URL as a bookmark, web archive or web PDF. The default choice matches the “Web Links” setting in Together’s Import preferences.

Markdown Preview

When editing a plain text file in Together for Mac you can now choose Preview > Show Markdown Preview from the menu to show an HTML preview generated from the Markdown in the file. This preview can be fully customised in the Plain Text section Together’s Previews preferences to enable / disable extensions, change the fonts used or specify a custom CSS stylesheet for complete control.

Library Management

There is a new Manage Libraries panel that can be used to open, reveal or remove libraries, including removing and rebuilding iCloud libraries in the Mac App Store version. Choose File > Library > Manage Libraries to see that.

There is also a new “Trash Missing Files” option in that File > Library menu. This can be used to search the library for any folders or items whose original items are missing and move them to the library’s trash, useful or anyone who links to files that may have gone missing or who’s changed the files in Together’s library folder in the Finder rather than the app itself.

User Interface and Usability

More changes have been made to make Together for Mac look at home on OS X Yosemite, including labels with tightly rounded corners, similar changes to various custom controls, tabs that are always visible when the app is full screen, updated document icons for Together’s own file formats and fixes for various other issues that appeared as a consequence of changes in Yosemite.

Other changes include clarification about what the old “Remove” commands do, such as whether that will move a file or folder to the Trash, preserving the selected item after cancelling a search, the ability to go to a specific page when viewing PDFs and more. See the Release Notes for a full list of changes.

Together 1.2 for iPad and iPhone

Together for iOS IconWhile many of the changes above are intended to bring Together for Mac in line with Together for iPad and iPhone and OS X Yosemite, version 1.2 of Together for iPad and iPhone is also available on the App Store today, and includes a Share extension, matching visual tweaks for labels and Yosemite-like tags, plus a number of other improvements.


Together 3.4 is a free upgrade for all Together 3 users. A full license is $49.99 and an upgrade from version 2.x is $24.99 when purchasing Together from this site. A 15-day trial is available for download from this site that can be converted into a full version by purchasing a registration code, but due to Apple’s restrictions, iCloud features are only available in the Mac App Store version.

Together 3.3 for Mac

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Together 3.3 for Mac is now available. This version updates Together for OS X Yosemite and includes Handoff support for Together for Mac and Together for iPad and iPhone using the same iCloud library, along with a redesigned tag browser, improved previews and other minor improvements.

Together 3.3 Screenshot

OS X Yosemite

Together has been extensively updated to take advantage of the new design of OS X Yosemite, with scrolled content blurred behind the window title bar and tabs, translucent sidebars, new icons for the toolbar, groups and preferences and some redesigned previews. The Shelf now has light and dark themes, which will automatically match the System Preferences setting for dark menus and Dock, but can be overridden in Together’s Shelf preferences.

Tag Browser

Together for Mac now uses the same streamlined design for the tag browser as Together for iPad and iPhone to show tag bundles, labels and ratings. Also, it’s now possible to create and edit labels directly in the tag browser and create tag bundles from selected tags.

iCloud and Handoff

In the Mac App Store version, iCloud support has been updated to work properly with iCloud Drive (which you can safely enable on iOS now that OS X Yosemite is released). Together can also use Handoff to immediately continue viewing the current item on another device with the same iCloud library open, whether that’s an iPad, iPhone or another Mac. On iOS, Handoff is available in Together 1.1.1 or later, which is available on the App Store now.

And More

Together 3.3 also includes some other tweaks and fixes. See the Together Release Notes page for a full list of changes.


Together 3.3 requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite and later. This is a free upgrade for all Together 3.x users. A full copy is $49.99 and an upgrade from version 2.x is $24.99 (not available on the Mac App Store), with a 15-day trial available for download from this site. The Mac App Store version is required to work with iCloud and Together for iPad and iPhone, which is available for $9.99 on the App Store.

Together Half Price on the Mac App Store until Aug 22

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Together iconFollowing the launch of Together for iOS, the price of Together on the Mac App Store was reduced to $19.99 for four weeks as a way for people who’ve not yet upgraded to Together 3 to upgrade for the same cost as an upgrade, and for those who wanted to move from the direct version to the Mac App Store version to make the transition more affordably.

The Mac App Store version of Together is required to work with Together for iOS, as only apps sold through Mac App Store can use iCloud.

This half-price offer lasts until Friday, August 22. The related offer to supply free copies on the Mac App Store to anyone who purchased Together for Mac in the four months prior to the release of Together for iOS (from March 23, 2014 onwards) will continue beyond that time.

I previously offered Together half price on the Mac App Store following the release of Together 3 for the same reasons.

This is the last time I will run this offer for Together 3 on the Mac App Store and exceptions cannot be made on an individual basis, so if the offer is of interest to you, I recommend you take advantage of it now.