Feeder 2.2 Release Notes Archive

Version 2.2.6


March 14, 2012


  • Feeder is now signed with a Developer ID to work with GateKeeper in OS X Mountain Lion.
  • Fixed a problem where automatic Facebook announcements may not happen when the post contains an image.
  • Fixed a timeout problem publishing to iDisk and WebDAV.
  • Fixed a problem upgrading the library from version 1.x.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when manually sending a Facebook announcement for an item without a link.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a feed could not be loaded.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when publishing and a host address could not be found.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when removing a server in the Servers window.
  • Updated FTP software.
  • Feeder now requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

Version 2.2.5


November 21, 2011


  • Added support for creating Amazon S3 buckets in the US West (Oregon) region.
  • Fixed a problem where typing a name into the new Amazon S3 bucket panel would not work.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur when saving an item.
  • Fixed an issue with the indentation of nested folders in the sidebar on Mac OS X 10.7.2.

Version 2.2.4


October 11, 2011


  • Ellipses used to shorten Twitter announcements will now appear correctly both on the web and client apps.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when downloading a feed with invalid, invisible characters.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when an error is encountered saving media files.
  • Updated FTP and SFTP software to improve stability and compatibility when publishing.

Version 2.2.3


August 29, 2011


  • Command-Delete is now the key equivalent of clicking Don't Save when editing items on Lion.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur when shortening text for Twitter announcements.
  • Fixed a problem where enabling the iTunes U extensions in the Info view would not work.
  • Fixed a problem where the (i) button to show / hide the Info view would not show its state on Lion.
  • Now ensures invalid characters are not included in generated online filenames.
  • Updated SFTP software.

Version 2.2.2


July 26, 2011


  • The item's enclosure URL can now be autocompleted for Article Link fields.
  • Fixed a crash on Lion when publishing to MobileMe or WebDAV servers.
  • Fixed a problem on Lion where the sidebar outline would have no indentation.
  • Fixed a problem on Leopard when posting updates to Twitter, where Feeder would not show that link shortening had been completed.

Version 2.2.1


July 13, 2011


  • Supports full screen mode on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
  • Added a "Manual Order" option to iTunes Podcasting feed settings to determine whether or not to include the itunes:order tag.
  • Fixed a problem where Feeder may attempt to shorten Twitter links when no URL shortener configured.
  • Fixed a problem that could occur when importing Atom feeds that do not include the "published" tag.
  • Improved timeout interval for long FTP uploads.
  • Updated FTP software.

Version 2.2


June 14, 2011


IMPORTANT! Feeder now requires a Mac with an Intel processor and will no longer run on PowerPC Macs. Do not install this update if you use a PowerPC-based Mac. If you are unsure which processor your Mac uses, see this article.


  • Support for new iTunes podcasting tags.
  • Edit announcements to Twitter and Facebook before posting manually.
  • Publish with FTP-SSL and FTP-TLS.
  • Improved SFTP upload speed on some connections.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


  • Added "iTunes Captioned" setting for new itunes:isCloseCaptioned tag to indicate whether or not a video is close captioned.
  • Now both iTunesU and regular iTunes podcast feeds will use the itunes:order tag to determine the order of items in the podcast. The order is automatically set according to the order of items in the feed when sorted by Item Number and will not be read from imported feeds.
  • Added "Is Complete" setting for feeds' iTunes Podcasting "Store Options" section, which corresponds to the itunes:complete tag.
  • Improved error handling when saving tags to media files.
  • Updated software used to tag MP3 files.


  • Edit Twitter announcements before manually posting.
  • Edit Facebook announcements before manually posting, with the ability to choose a specific thumbnail and specify a link.
  • When posting Facebook announcements automatically, Feeder will now choose a thumbnail image in this order: Media RSS thumbnail, images linked in the description, iTunes image for the whole feed, feed image. Previously only Media thumbnail and an image from the description were used.
  • When posting announcements automatically, Feeder will choose a link in this order: the article link, an enclosure URL, then the feed link.
  • Moved bit.ly settings to its own sheet in the Announcements Info section.
  • Improved error handling when posting announcements.


  • When publishing, a progress bar for the current feed will be shown in the status bar. Clicking this will show the Activity window.
  • Added ability to publish with FTP with TLS / SSL.
  • Improved SFTP upload speed for some connections.
  • Hold on Command and Shift at startup to prevent scheduled jobs from running.
  • Additional diagnostic information now recorded in the publishing log.


  • Feeder is now Intel-only.


  • Feeder can now authenticate Facebook when https used.
  • Fixed a problem where the app could crash while sending announcements and with the log visible.
  • Ensure commas are not included in automatically generated upload filenames.
  • Fixed problems with Feeder on future versions of Mac OS X.