Folder Actions for Keep It

Saving files Directly to Keep It’s Folders

When Finder integration is enabled, any file or folder added to Keep It’s location in the Finder (or standard Save panels) will be automatically imported. See here for more information about Finder integration.

If Keep It is not using Finder integration, you can create an alias to Keep It's files folder wherever you like:

Any files (not folders) you add there will be automatically imported into Keep It.

Watching a Different Folder

However, if you want to watch another folder for changes, you can do that with Folder Actions. The Automator app makes it easy to set these up.

Screenshot of Automator's New Sheet
  1. Open Automator
  2. Select Folder Action and click Choose
  3. Use the Choose Folder pop-up button to select the folder to monitor
  4. Drag the Add Files to Keep It action from the middle column to add it
  5. Change the Add by pop-up to "Moving"
  6. Change any other options, if necessary
  7. Choose File > Save from the menu
  8. Enter a name for the folder action and click Save
Screenshot of the final workflow in Automator

Now, whenever a file is added to that folder, it'll be moved to Keep It.

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