Steve Jobs

October 6th, 2011 by Steve Harris

I have seen Steve Jobs as an inspiration for my entire adult life. Obviously, in the industry I am in, I am far from alone in that. That Stanford speech he made? I’m living it, and I was when he made it, but I didn’t know back then whether I was just kidding myself. That speech didn’t just inspire me, it validated my life and helped me appreciate how fortunate I am. Watching again earlier, I felt the same. The message can apply to anyone.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

I take nothing for granted. You can have all the ideas and talent and work as hard as you like, but success in any area of life always comes down to some measure of luck and timing. When you set out on the long road to make something happen, you have no idea if it will work or what people will think, but when you know your intentions are good, how could it ever be wrong?

I love what I do. Every day is potentially amazing. I owe that to him.

Reinvented Software on Twitter and Facebook

August 30th, 2011 by Steve Harris

Many apps have their own Twitter accounts and companies their own Facebook pages to help you keep up to date. Reinvented Software’s apps have been on Twitter for a while, but I’ve never really promoted them.


Here are the Twitter accounts for each of the apps:


Following these can be especially useful if you’ve purchased any of the apps through the Mac App Store, as a tweet will go out once new versions are approved. This is the only place on the web where that happens.

All of these have a pretty low volume of tweets, mostly about updates and the odd vaguely relevant retweet.


Reinvented Software also has its own page on Facebook, which you can “like” to see updates much the same as the ones posted on the News page here. The frequency of updates is pretty low.

Reinvented Software on Facebook

Feeder and Poster are also Facebook apps and have their own pages as a result, but there are no updates on there at the moment, so you can “Like” them, just to show that you, er, like them.

Feeder on Facebook
Poster on Facebook

Reinvented Software Apps and Lion

July 21st, 2011 by Steve Harris

Apple released Mac OS X 10.7 Lion yesterday. Here is the status of Reinvented Software apps on Lion.


Together 2.5 has been built for Lion and is available for direct customers, but is still being reviewed by Apple for the Mac App Store. The current Mac App Store version, Together 2.4.5, runs on Lion, but there are some issues with automatically imported files, some performance issues and other minor glitches that will be fixed by version 2.5.


All recent versions of Feeder will work on Lion and will automatically get overlay scrollers, but version 2.2.1 also supports Lion’s full-screen mode and that’s been available on this site for about a week and the Mac App Store since Tuesday. However, there is an issue with publishing to MobileMe and WebDAV servers that seems to be a problem with Lion that I have reported to Apple. The current workaround is to have Feeder publish to the iDisk or WebDAV disk on your Desktop instead.


All versions of Poster will work perfectly well on Mac OS X Lion. Version 1.1.3 includes support for full-screen mode and overlay scrollbars and is available both direct from this site since Tuesday and through the Mac App Store today.

Together 2.5

July 20th, 2011 by Steve Harris

Together 2.5 is now available for direct customers (the Mac App Store version is pending review).

Lion Changes

The focus of this version is to make Together work well on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion with full screen mode, overlay scrollbars, Quick Look previews for text attachments and the new find bar for search text within documents. If you were running Lion before its release, there are also many fixes and performance improvements specific to Lion.

New Requirements

One big change is that Together is now Intel-only and requires Mac OS X 10.6 and later. Apple is taking quite an aggressive approach to moving its developer tools forward to an Intel-only world and it was not possible to have Together both work on 10.5 and take advantage of the new features in 10.7.


In addition to Lion-specific features, Together also adds some new features for 10.6 users, including Quick Look previews for text documents that are not RTF or plain text, such as Word documents, a text size preference for Quick Notes, cleaner looking tabs and group icon. Together has also been improved so that it now remembers the last viewed page in PDF documents, search results are updated when moving and removing items.

Finally, Together’s library file has changed into a file package containing both the library database and supporting files. While something of a technical change, this may affect backups and such. The change has been made necessary by the Mac App Store guidelines and forthcoming sandboxing feature of Lion. Together will migrate library files to the new version as they are opened.


Together 2.5 is a free upgrade for all paid Together 2.x users, the price remains unchanged at $39.95 and a 15-day trial is available for download from this site.

A full list of changes in this version is available in the release notes.

Feeder 2.2

June 14th, 2011 by Steve Harris

Feeder 2.2 is now available. This version adds support for new iTunes podcasting tags, improves announcements, adds FTP-SSL publishing and faster SFTP uploads.


You can now edit manually posted announcements to Twitter and Facebook. For Twitter, Feeder will shorten the links with if you have chosen to do so in Announcement settings. Manually posting to Facebook works similarly, and you can specify the message, link, and choose a specific thumbnail (or none at all).

iTunes Podcasting

Two tags previously only used by iTunesU feeds are now available for general iTunes podcasting feeds, these are itunes:order and itunes:isCloseCaptioned.

The itunes:order tag allows you to specify the order of the episodes as they will appear in iTunes, which will otherwise sort by publication date. In Feeder, this tag will be added automatically based on the ordering of the items in your feed when sorted by Item Number, which can be rearranged as required.

The itunes:complete tag appears in the iTunes Podcasting Info section in Feeder as “Is Complete”. Setting this to Yes will indicate that no more episodes will be added to the podcast, and in the case of iTunes U podcasts will allow all episodes to be downloaded at once.


Along with FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, MobileMe and Amazon S3, Feeder can now publish with FTP-SSL. SFTP uploads are now faster and it’s now possible to skip publishing scheduled feeds at startup by holding on Command-Option.

Intel Only

As announced previously, Feeder is now an Intel only application, but still runs on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. If you are using a PowerPC Mac, do not upgrade to this version. Version 2.1.10 will always be available on the Feeder downloads page.

And More!

There are many more small changes in Feeder 2.2 covering most parts of the application, see the release notes for more details.

Feeder 2.2 costs $39.95 and is a free upgrade for all registered Feeder 2.x users. Upgrades from version 1.x cost $14.95.