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Here are some answers to questions you may have about Keep It for Mac. You can also find comprehensive help files in the application by choosing Help > Keep It Help from the main menu.

For questions about Keep It for iPad and iPhone, see the Keep It for iPad and iPhone Support page. For questions about sales and registration codes, see the General FAQ.

Moving from Together





Email Support

If you can't find an answer here and you're having problems, please request support from within the app, as this will include additional diagnostic information. To do that:

If you are having iCloud issues, it can be helpful to enable logging before sending your request:

If you are unable to send a support request from within the app, you can also email


How do I import a Together library?

Keep It can import libraries from Together v3.8.7 and later.

To import a Together library:

  1. In Together, choose File > Library > Show Library in Finder from the menu
  2. Switch to Keep It
  3. Choose Keep It > Import > Together Library from the menu
  4. Drag the [Together library].trlib file to the panel
  5. Uncheck "Import into folder with same name as library" if you only intend to import one library, or want to merge your libraries. Keep It will then import the library into the top level.
  6. With the library folder (not the .trlib file) selected, click Import

NOTE: It is normal for the .trlib file to be grayed out. Keep It needs to access the library folder, not the library file.

Together Import

See the Keep It for Together Users guide for information about some of the key differences.

Please get in touch if you need any more help moving your data from Together.


Is there a discount for Together users?

Yes. Together 3 users can upgrade to Keep It with a 50% discount ($24.99). If you purchased Together the final 6 months of Together being on sale (on or after February 17, 2017), you will qualify for a free upgrade.

If you originally purchased Together 3 from Reinvented Software

If you originally purchased Together 3 from Reinvented Software, you can get the upgrade as follows:

  • Choose Keep It > Buy Keep It from the menu, or go to the Buy Keep It page.
  • Choose an Upgrade license and click Continue.
  • Enter your registration code on the next page and click Continue again.
  • You will then be shown the discounted rate or provided with a free license, if appropriate.

If you have already imported a Together library, you will not need to enter your code.

If you originally purchased Together from the Mac App Store

If you originally purchased Together from the Mac App Store, you can download Keep It from the Mac App Store and get the upgrade through that. You will need to have the Mac App Store version of Together 3 installed. If you need to install it again, you can do so from the Purchased tab of the Mac App Store.

To get the upgrade discount:

  • Choose Keep It > Buy or Subscribe from the menu.
  • Click "Upgrade from Together 3".
  • Click Choose Application.
  • Select the Together 3 application and click Choose.

If you originally purchased Together 3 from the Mac App Store, but wish to use the version from Reinvented Software, you can also get the upgrade discount by importing a Together library from the Mac App Store version of Together 3, then choosing Keep It > Buy Keep It from the menu in the version of Keep It from this site.

Get in touch if you need assistance.


Can Keep It import from Evernote?

Yes, to import from Evernote, first export an ENEX file for the notebooks or notes you want to import.

To keep the notes organized by notebook, export each notebook individually from Evernote as follows:

  • Select Notebooks in the sidebar
  • Select the notebook to export
  • Choose File > Export Notes from [notebook name] from the menu
  • Make sure the format is “Evernote XML Format (.enex)”
  • Change the name to match the notebook you’re exporting
  • Click Save

To import the ENEX files into Keep It:

  • Open Keep It
  • Choose Keep It > Import > ENEX File from the menu
  • Choose the file and click Import

Keep It will import notes with single attachments as standalone files, web clippings as HTML files, and everything else as a note. The HTML files Keep It creates for web clippings are not editable. You can instead choose to import web clippings as notes, but these may lose some formatting.


Can Keep It import from Yojimbo?

Yes, Keep It can import from Yojimbo 2.0 or later using the separate Yojimbo Importer app. All tags, labels and collections will be preserved:

  • Download and unzip the importer:
  • Open the Yojimbo Importer application
  • Read the instructions for information about importing passwords and encrypted items. To skip these, click the Options button and change the settings there.
  • Click Start
  • Once all the data has been exported, Keep It will open and show some options for how to import the files
  • Click Import


Can Keep It watch a folder for imports?

You can save files directly to Keep It’s files folder and the app will automatically add them to your library. First, make the folder visible in the Finder:

  • Choose Keep It > Library > Make Alias to Files Folder from the menu
  • Heed the warnings
  • Choose a location for the alias and click Save

You can now save files to that folder, or any of the folders inside, and Keep It will automatically add the files to its library.


Can I “print” a PDF to Keep It?

Yes, you can “print“ a PDF to Keep It from any application. First, download and install the PDF Service:

Once installed, you will then see "Save PDF to Keep It" by clicking the PDF button when printing.


Can I import messages from Mail?

Mail will allow you to drag single messages (not conversations) to Keep It's sidebar or item list. In macOS High Sierra, Mail has an issue where it won't add messages to bundles or labels, only folders or All Items.

Alternatively, you can install an Automator workflow that will appear in the Services menu in Mail, which can import multiple messages:

Screenshot of Import Workflow

Once installed, to use the workflow:

  • Select the messages to import
  • Choose Mail > Services > Add Messages to Keep It from the menu

If you wish to set a shortcut key for the service:

  • Choose Mail > Services > Services Preferences from the menu
  • Scroll to "Add Messages to Keep It" (in the General section)
  • Select "Add Messages to Keep It" and click Add Shortcut

If you want to add tags or choose a location when importing:

  • In Keep It choose Keep It > Preferences from the menu
  • Click Import
  • Enable the "Show import view: When importing from other applications" option


How can I see only what is in a folder, rather than everything?

By default, Keep It shows everything a folder, its subfolders and bundles contains, with the folder shown below the name. You can change that behaviour in its General preferences:

  • Choose Keep It > Preferences from the menu
  • From the "Show all items in folders" pop-up, choose "Never" or "When collapsed"


How can I see the number of items in a particular list?

Show the status bar to show the number of items below the list:

  • Choose View > Show Status Bar from the menu


Can I add comments to an item?

Yes, you can add comments in the Info view. To show the Info view, if it isn't already visible:

  • Choose View > Info > Show Info from the menu

To show the comments field:

  • Choose View > Info > Comments from the menu


What formats does Keep It support?

You can add any kind of file. Keep It can edit its own notes, Markdown, rich and plain text files, add highlights and notes to PDFs, and save web links either as live links or as PDFs. Keep It will use Quick Look to show previews for most other file formats.


Can Keep It create files in other formats?

Keep It can create any kind of file using its stationery feature. Stationery can either be empty files, or templates.

Keep It provides stationery for empty Rich Text, Plain Text and Markdown files. To create a new item from stationery:

  • Choose File > New From Stationery > [desired stationery item] from the menu

Stationery can also be accessed by clicking the + button in the toolbar.

To add stationery or make it active / inactive, choose File > New From Stationery > Manage Stationery from the menu. You can save any existing item in Keep It as stationery (e.g. to create a template) by choosing File > Save as Stationery from the menu.


Can Keep It create a different file format by default?

Yes, you can set any active stationery item as the default when clicking the new button or pressing Command-N in the Manage Stationery panel:

  • Choose File > New From Stationery > Manage Stationery from the menu
  • Make sure the stationery item is Active
  • Choose the stationery item from the Default New Document pop-up


Are there any differences with the Mac App Store version?

There are no functional differences between the Mac App Store version of Keep It and the one available directly from Reinvented Software.

The Mac App Store offers a choice of one-time purchases, Together upgrades and paid subscriptions. Learn more about the ways you can pay for Keep It for Mac here:


I've moved to Keep It. How can I remove Together from my Mac?

If you've moved all your data to Keep It and wish to remove Together from your Mac, first remove the libraries:

  • Hold on Option as you start Together
  • Ctrl-click or right-click each library in the list and choose Remove Library from the menu shown
  • Click Quit when finished
  • Move the app from the Applications folder to the Trash

Typically this should be sufficient, but if you wish to remove every last trace of Together from your system, then the folders to remove will depend on which version of Together you are using.

Direct Version

  • In the Finder, hold on the Option key and choose Go > Library from the menu
  • Navigate to [your home] > Library > Application Support
  • Remove “Together 3”
  • Navigate to [your home] > Library > Group Containers
  • Remove “com.reinvented.Together3.shared”

Mac App Store version:

  • In the Finder, hold on the Option key and choose Go > Library from the menu
  • Navigate to [your home] > Library > Containers
  • Remove “com.reinvented.Together3.mac”
  • Remove “com.reinvented.Together3.Add-to-Together”
  • Navigate to [your home] > Library > Group Containers
  • Remove “”


If you used iCloud, you can ensure all its data is removed as follows:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click iCloud
  • Click Manage in the lower right
  • Select entries named "Together Mobile" or "Together 3"
  • Click "Delete Documents and Data"

There may be a few of these entries, depending on which version of Together you were using.


How can I remove Keep It from my Mac?

To remove Keep It, first drag the application to the Trash.

Keep It's folders are kept in the Library folder in your home folder, which is normally hidden. To see that:

  • In the Finder, hold on the Option key and choose Go > Library from the menu

In the [your home] > Library > Containers folder, remove:

  • com.reinvented.Keep-It-ENEX-Import
  • com.reinvented.Keep-It-Indexing
  • com.reinvented.Keep-It-Metadata
  • com.reinvented.KeepIt
  • com.reinvented.KeepIt.MacShareExtension

In the [your home] > Library > Group Containers folder, remove:



If you used iCloud, you can ensure all its data is removed as follows:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click iCloud
  • Click Manage in the lower right
  • Select "Keep It"
  • Click "Delete Documents and Data"


Why does macOS say a web archive is damaged when I try to open it?

Web Archives stored in Keep It will be marked as quarantined by macOS's Gatekeeper, and when you try to open them you will see the message "[filename] is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash." The web archives are not actually damaged.

Use the following script to remove the quarantine setting on files in Keep It:

  • Download and unzip this file:
  • Open the "Remove All Quarantine" application and click Run.
  • Follow the instructions.

Once the files have been processed, you will then be able to open them.

How can I get a copy of all data stored in iCloud?

Keep It only stores the data you have added and can see in the app itself in iCloud, which includes files, folders, searches, bundles, and information about those things. To get a copy of all that information:

  • Choose Keep It > Library > Export iCloud Data from the menu.
  • Choose a location and click Export.

When performing this export, Keep It will convert all notes to RTFD files, so that they can be read in other applications, and include a plain text file with all the metadata that cannot be included in the files themselves, along with additional information about bundles, folders, saved searches, labels, etc.